Episode 236: Are Facebook Groups Dead?

In case you haven’t noticed, several big, successful online entrepreneurs have been shutting down their big, successful Facebook groups left and right lately. (Don’t worry, the Boss Moms Facebook group isn’t going anywhere!)

But it begs the question….could Facebook groups be dead?? In this episode I’m sharing why I think Facebook groups are totally still alive and well, and how you can leverage the power of a well-run Facebook group to successfully gain visibility, create community and grow your business.


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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • The pros and cons (I’m being totally honest here!) about running a Facebook group
  • Why Facebook groups can be integral to cultivating a thriving community and movement behind your business
  • The #1 most important thing to make sure you do when starting or growing your group
  • Common mistakes business owners make when trying to run Facebook groups
  • Practical tips for starting (or growing) your own Facebook group
  • How we grew the Boss Moms Facebook group to over 20K in less than a year and a half


Referenced in the Show:

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