There are millions of moms out there with big beautiful brains that can't help but create businesses. There is a spark inside of us all that wants to create an impact in this world, and at Boss Mom, we want to fan that flame.

Boss Mom isn't just about having business & babies, it's about embracing the complexity of our lives and not feeling guilty that we not only want to be amazing parents but amazing entrepreneurs and leaders.

Boss Mom is about coming together to help each other rise up and become who we want to be, and achieve anything we can dream up.

Boss Mom is about creating a judge-free space where we can cry one minute, and come up with a brilliant idea the next.

I may have started the Boss Mom movement when I wrote my first book, but it has grown into something more amazing and life-changing than I could have imagined. You will not only find amazing resources here at Boss Mom, you will also find your friends, your clients, your mentors, your collaborators, and so much more.

If any of this has resonated with you, then you have found your home and we welcome you with open arms and a huge high five.


Welcome to Dana's Corner

I love a good inside joke and the best way for us to get to know each other is for me to share a little bit of me...with you!

I mean if we can't be who we are then what's the point right?

Things I love

  • I love a good happy hour deal and that's my favorite time to do my strategic thinking (alone or with a friend). I like to find a few places that become my Cheers...where everyone knows my name
  • I love being beach adjacent, but don't get in the water often. I assume every shark has a picture of me and is just waiting for me to hop in the water
  • I pretty much explain everything with a dating analogy (cause everyone has been in a relationship...both good and bad...am I right?)
  • I love wearing heels because they make me feel like a woman...when I wear flats I feel like a little girl. (I know it's totally strange)
  • Amazon...yeah I said it. I pretty much order my whole life from there

Things I could do without

  • Crumbs in my bed...I have no idea what my kids are doing, but there are ALWAYs crumbs in my bed
  • Dry hands...I can't handle it. I have to have lotion with me at all times
  • My kids whining when it's time to go to bed...don't they know sleep is amazing
  • Onions...I know bummer right... just never been a fan

I can't wait to learn more about what makes you...you!

Favorite Things

Favorite Things


All of the Boss Mom team members have their own businesses.
Each one is dedicated to the Boss Mom movement and is also dedicated to making the world better in their own way. We love the Boss Mom Team, and so will you.


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