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Content Strategy

How to Jumpstart Your Program Sales

Many of us have developed programs that aren’t taking off as fast as we’d like, but while it’s frustrating, we have to remember the problem lies with our messaging – not the programs. How can we set ourselves apart from our competitors in our customer’s eyes, and can we adapt our messaging to build rapport…

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Building a Website That Attracts Your Ideal Client w/Samantha Johnston

Having an effective website is a vital element of creating a successful business. How can we build websites that get potential clients to know, like and trust us? Which pages should we be paying attention to, and why is it important to let our personalities shine through on our websites? On this episode, CEO of…

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How to Use Video for Amazing Results, High Impact and More Money in Your Business w/Patricia Kelikani

We all know that video is a great tool for business, but not enough of us are taking advantage of it. Which benefits are unique to video, and what makes it different from other forms of marketing content? How can we maximize our content and continue to see results for years to come? On this…

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How to Be Limitless w/Laura Gassner Otting

As working mothers, we often hold ourselves to an impossibly high standard. How can we break the limits imposed on us by ourselves and an overly critical society? When should we allow ourselves to let go of having full control in every area of life? On this episode, speaker and bestselling author of Limitless: How…

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How to Create a Business Based on Your Interests as a Consumer w/Rachel Ricker

A lot of people want to be entrepreneurs, but aren’t sure what their product is. How can you decide what to center your business around? Once you’ve made the decision, where do you begin the process? On this episode the CEO of Sweet Smell Company, Rachel Ricker shares how she started her own business and…

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Nurture Your Business: The Death of the Newsletter (Why you should stop, and what you should do instead)

  The newsletter is no longer effective, and business owners should start exploring different options. What could you do in place of sending a newsletter? What do you need to keep in mind as you move forward with new types of communication? On this episode, I share why you need to focus on the human…

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Episode 391: Nurture Your Business: 6 Reasons Why You Should Love Facebook

  Some business owners are critical of Facebook for having bad intentions, but if you look at it carefully, Facebook actually wants everyone to succeed. How does Facebook’s transparency work in our favor? What targeting tools does Facebook have that makes marketing easier for us? How do Facebook groups help us with engagement? In this…

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Episode 25: Book Writing & How to Extract the Story We Really Want to Tell w/Azul Terronez

  The process of creating and writing a book is a bit like giving birth— there’s a lot we go through to get to that raw, honest truth. What are some of the hurdles that get in the way of creation? What is the first step we need to take to start writing that book?…

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Episode 23: How to Be Authentic in Your Marketing, Lead by Giving Value & Create a Legacy w/Bob Heilig

Many entrepreneurs design their business from the position of scarcity, and it’s evident in the way they promote themselves and their products. How do we shift our business strategy from wanting to win to wanting to help other people? When we have a product to sell, why is it so important to avoid being too…

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Episode 378: How to Leverage Vertical Video & Messenger Bots to Create Relevant Content For Our Audiences w/Marki Lemons-Ryhal

Social media is the most powerful way for us to get in front of more people and reach more of those who might want our services or products. How do we create content that moves the needle for our businesses in a meaningful way? How much of ourselves and our lives should we be putting…

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