Episode 285: How to Know What to Fix When Something Isn't Selling

Episode 285: How to Know What to Fix When Something Isn’t Selling

Do you often find yourself frustrated when things in your business aren’t working or selling, but you have no idea why?

In this episode I’m going to walk you through a process of determining where there are gaps in your sales journey and how to fix them so you can be connecting with (and converting!) the right kinds of customers.

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • The importance of consistently building your email list
  • A breakdown of how sales funnels should operate and what your free-to-paid journey should look like
  • How to build confidence in your value by authentically solving problems and supplying needs
  • Practical ideas for improving your sales no matter where or how you’re selling
  • The importance of auditing what already have to know where the gaps and opportunities are (and specific questions to ask yourself!)

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