Episode 284: Redefining How You Engage with Your Community

Episode 284: Redefining How You Engage with Your Community

As we continue the conversation about tweaking and refining to grow our businesses, we wanted to dive into an exploration of how to assess and improve the way we are engaging with our communities.

In this episode NJ and I are sharing some of the journey and process behind how we’ve grown the Boss Moms Facebook community, as well as some tips and strategies that you can take to tweak how you’re building and engaging with your own community.

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • NJ’s 3-part strategy for auditing a community
  • Why the perception of both you as a leader and the community as a whole is important to understand
  • How to evaluate if you’re leveraging your community effectively and consistently
  • Why it’s important to set standards and actively cultivate a community culture (that you enforce!)
  • How understanding your core values, vision and mission for your business will influence your community culture
  • Why you’re always allowed to change the rules of engagement in your community

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