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Boss Dad Spotlight: Learning To Effectively Advertise On Social Media w/Rick Mulready

Social media advertising is vital for online businesses, so all entrepreneurs should be looking into it. Is there a right time to start advertising? What happens if we don’t have a big online following yet? Do we need to be hesitant to use retargeted advertising? On this episode, host of The Art of Online Business […]

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Effective Storytelling & The Truth About Finding Your Purpose w/Greg Koorhan

The path to finding our purpose isn’t the same for everyone. For many entrepreneurs and creatives, finding out what we want to do is a process of peeling back the layers. This is the process filmmaker Greg Koorhan took, going from a job in a marketing agency, to one focused on storytelling. What can we […]

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Episode 19: The Power of Experiences in Marketing w/Michael Stelzner

In a world that’s become so hyper-virtual, people still want a face-to-face, in-real-life experience that inspires them and gives them memorable moments. How did Michael Stelzner lean into this and build social media’s most well-known conference? Why is it so important to focus on doing less things, excellently, over more things done moderately? How do […]

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Episode 13: Why Pat Flynn Started a Podcast With His 8-Year Old Son

Podcasting can be an effective way to build an audience and spend time with our loved ones. How can it help us build relationships with the people we would like to work with? How can we establish ourselves as experts in our niche by associating ourselves with other experts? How do we share information that […]

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Episode 6: How to Make Time to Spend With Your Family as a Busy Entrepreneur w/ Rich Brooks

Entrepreneurs often speak about freedom, but few manage to achieve it. How can you gain your free time back as a business owner? How does working less affect your business mindset? How can you block negative or doubtful thoughts? In this episode, Rich Brooks shares how he made time for his two daughters while leading […]

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