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Effective Storytelling & The Truth About Finding Your Purpose w/Greg Koorhan

The path to finding our purpose isn’t the same for everyone. For many entrepreneurs and creatives, finding out what we want to do is a process of peeling back the layers. This is the process filmmaker Greg Koorhan took, going from a job in a marketing agency, to one focused on storytelling. What can we learn from the journey Greg took? What’s the right mindset to have about success? Why is the idea that people have one purpose and one purpose only a huge myth?

On this episode, award-winning film director, best-selling author, speaker and coach, Greg Koorhan, discusses his projects, his creative children and the path to his purpose. 


Finding your purpose is an evolution, and every step in the evolution gives you the courage to take the next steps.” -Greg Koorhan  

Things We Learned From This Episode

1. Structure in storytelling is key (17:13 – 18:55) 

There’s a difference between talking about a bunch of events and telling a story. A story has structure and conflict, and paying attention to these things makes us more effective storytellers.

2. Short-form content can be extremely effective (23:33 – 24:32) 

In the day and age of storytelling through ads and social media content, we only have 1-2 minutes to tell someone’s story. Within a minute or two, we can actually say a lot and resonate with people.

3. There’s no perfect formula for the path to success (33:30 – 35:44)

Some people knew their passion from early on, but a lot of people actually discover their passion through a process of evolving, pivoting and iterating new pathways. There’s nothing wrong with either approach.


Guest Bio- 

Greg is an award-winning film director, best-selling author, speaker and coach. He is happiest sharing his 30+ years of experience to help you find your voice and connect with your audience. His feature film, Project Pay Day, will release this year.

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