Mom Friends

The 4 Sanity-Saving Mom Friends Every Woman Needs When Your Mom Isn’t Around

Having a strong supportive network of mom friends is essential for all women raising a family. It’s surprising how many women believe that they should be independent and able to care for their families on their own. This simply isn’t true.  How to Make Mom Friends   Women aren’t born knowing how to be a […]

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Is it worth starting a Facebook group for my online business?

Starting a Facebook group is a great way to connect with your ideal clients, build your community, and simplify your marketing strategy. But is it worth the effort? The simple answer is yes. Although many sales and marketing gurus will tell you Instagram is where you need to be for your business to do well […]

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Helpful Five-Step Strategy to Enjoy Mother’s Day After Losing Your Mom

Mother’s Day after losing your mom can be challenging. For many, it is a day filled with grief, sadness, and isolation. After all, on Mother’s Day, we are bombarded with reminders of what we don’t have, a loving and supportive mother in our life. It’s a day where we celebrate and honor our own mothers, […]

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How to make money on social media.

How To Make Money On Social Media Without Feeling Scammy

Are you struggling to make money on social media? We’ve been led to believe that making sales on social media should be easy. If you have a social media following, then all your followers will convert and eventually buy your products or become your clients. Cha-Ching, instant sales! My guess is you’ve realized that’s not […]

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Why Boss Mom Left Trello For ClickUp?

It’s true. I broke up with my project management tool and left Trello for ClickUp for reasons you’ll have to keep reading to find out! As entrepreneurs, our work requires us to have multiple different projects vying for our attention simultaneously. As mothers, we have the bonus of children adorably seeking our attention and homes […]

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Can evergreen actually make as much money as live launches?

We have all been led to believe that live launches are a better marketing model than evergreen. However, there are many things involved in live launches that make it difficult for mom business owners to be successful and actually make the money they want. We’ve seen the few entrepreneurs online that make live launches look […]

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