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Wish you could get your content seen more?

Wish you could get your content seen more?

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Are you a mom entrepreneur who doesn’t like social media? You’re not alone! Many moms feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to promote their businesses online. But don’t worry–I’m here to help you grow your business even if you don’t enjoy social media.



How to grow your business without social media.

Before we discuss strategies, let’s talk about why we don’t like social media. We are naturally social human beings who care about people, and want to help and connect with others, so why don’t we enjoy it?
Social media, in its infancy, was beautiful. The goal was to connect people from all over the world. It created opportunities for jobs and networking. It helped build connections and human beings crave connections. Now decades later, as business owners, social media has made us feel that in order to be successful online, we must entertain and say what we need to about our business in ten seconds. When in fact, social media requires you to be concise and consistent in your messaging for it to work. And when anyone is struggling to grow their business, I know it is because their messaging is messy.
In this blog post, I won’t try to convince you to fall in love with social media. I also have a love-hate relationship with it. Instead, I’m going to share with you how to leverage it to grow your business even when you don’t enjoy being on social media.



There are a lot of talks out there about the importance of social media for businesses. But as a busy boss, and mom, you might wonder if social media is really worth your time. After all, you’ve got a business to run and a family to raise. Who has time to tweet?
Here’s the thing: you don’t need social media to grow your business. In fact, there are several myths about social media that boss moms often believe. Let’s explore three of them.
myths about growing your business.

Myth 1: The Only Way To Grow Your Business Is On Social Media

This is absolutely a myth. You do not need social media to grow your business. In fact, you need to be known in order to grow your business. There’s a good book called “Micro Famous” that perfectly explains the difference between being seen, noticed, and known. When you are seen, people see you on social media and then quickly forget about you. To be noticed, people have a vague recollection of knowing you or have seen you before, but they don’t really know you or what you do. When you are known, people know who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Your audience shares the content you post, talks about you to their friends, and buys your products and services, which is the goal.

Myth 2: A Big Following Equals Success

Having a huge following on social media is not an indicator that someone is actually making a lot of money. There is a finite number of people who are actually as successful as they appear to be online. This small group of people is successful because they know how to run their business on the back end and can leverage their following. So what are they doing in their business to be successful? I’ll share that later in this blog post.

Myth 3: You Have To Post Content All Day To Be Successful

Sometimes social media can feel like a popularity contest in high school. And the best way to win this popularity contest is to be entertaining and post silly, meaningless content multiple times a day. This strategy can help you get a lot of followers, but as mentioned in myth 2, a lot of followers does not necessarily mean you have a successful business. Posting content all day is also very time-consuming and can be effective in helping you get seen and noticed, but not known for who you are and what you do which is the goal. More content just to post more content is not the secret formula to success.
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What do people really want from social media.

What if you can start seeing real growth in your business? How would you feel if you can attract your ideal client to come to you instead of chasing the wrong leads? Well, I’m here to tell you that this is totally possible.
The best way to grow your business, authentically and consistently, without relying so much on social media, is with our authority and connection strategy. When thinking about how to grow a business without social media, we have to understand what people really want when they decide to scroll on social media. What are they looking for?
  1. People want to see something real. Long gone are the days when people wanted to see beautiful pictures with presets on a perfectly organized grid. People want to see you be real, share the good and the messy parts of your life, and share your opinions about the world.
  2. They want experts they can trust. Many people go to social media for entertainment, but building trust and simply being entertaining don’t work together. Entertainment without being clear about your expertise actually detracts from building your authority.
  3. They want to feel less judged. People want to be around other people who understand them and do not judge them about the way they lead their lives. In nurture marketing, we create that sense of connection using permission-giving content to make people feel seen and validated.
  4. They want to feel valuable. The era of being an expert, giving pieces of training, and offering good content no longer works. People want more and they want to feel valued.
  5. They want their life to improve. So many experts ignore human behavior and the fact that it’s difficult to improve your life when you have so many other things competing for your time and attention. People want to learn and buy from people who understand that they have complicated lives.
Most people aren’t specifically looking for your expertise on social media. They aren’t looking for products or services to solve their biggest life problems. Instead, they are looking for a distraction from those problems.
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What to do to grow your business without social media.

Now that I’ve shared some thoughts on why we don’t need social media to grow your business and what people really want from you when you post, it’s time to talk about what you need to grow your business.
  1. Build Authority By Getting Featured. One way to build authority without posting on social media all day is to borrow someone else’s authority by being featured on podcasts. You will leverage the audience they have already built by sharing your story.
  2. Create Community. My father always used to say, “business is people and without people, you don’t have a business.” One of my favorite ways to grow your business without posting on social media is by engaging in other people’s Facebook groups and starting to become known in their space. This strategy does not involve you creating a ton of content.
  3. Have a 90-Day Email Nurture System. Having an email nurture sequence allows you to nurture people who enter your world for 90 days via email without being on social media. In the Nurture to Convert Society, we teach a very specific permission sandwich formula to help build a relationship with your audience and grow your business and sales.
  4. Have An Evergreen Model. An evergreen model is a system just like the 90-day email nurture system, where you are consistently moving people through your sales funnel with consistent messaging. Every good business needs an evergreen model which will free up time for marketing in the long run. After your evergreen system is built, it allows you to spend 80% of your time on sales and marketing, and 20% on creating content and tweaking what’s already built.
  5. Opinion-Based Messaging. All the strategies mentioned above won’t work unless you use opinion based messaging. You should have opinions and beliefs about the industry you’re in, about the way people should or shouldn’t lead their lives, and about culture or the way culture should change. Having strong opinions and beliefs creates a sense of connection with your audience and leads to building trust with them.
This secret formula is very simple but more in-depth than a blog post could do justice. So, if you’re feeling lost and like you can’t seem to find your groove with marketing or social media, know that you are not alone. And don’t give up! The most successful business owners and entrepreneurs out there have had their share of failures before they found what works for them. We should be able to be who we are in our marketing as well without forcing ourselves to be the thing that we think everybody wants. So instead of trying to be something you think everyone wants or following someone else’s playbook, start by being authentically you and then focus on developing a strategy around building authority and connections with the right people. It may take a little time and experimentation, but eventually, you will find your stride.
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Nicole Vasco

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