Does Your Home Feel Like You? How To Decorate Your Space So It Exudes Your Personality w/Jessica Velazquez

There’s nothing like walking into our homes and feeling like they’re truly ours, and that in every nook and cranny, our identities are apparent. We all have unique personalities, quirks, stories and styles, but so many of us don’t see those things reflected in our spaces, and that affects our wellbeing. 

How do we bring our stories and lifestyles into how we arrange and decorate our homes? Can we take control of the clutter so that we feel calm in our spaces? 

In this episode, certified Interior Designer and an entrepreneur, Jessica Velazquez talks about how to catapult your inner designer and decorate our homes with confidence.

For a home to be inspiring, it doesn’t have to be perfect, look like a furniture store or an Instagram influencer’s home. It’s a house where you walk in and you can see who lives there.

-Jessica Velazquez 

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why it’s possible to have impostor syndrome when it comes to our homes
    How do we build our confidence to decorate our homes the way we want?
  • How to deal with clutter
    When we have young children, we often feel like there’s no point decorating because the house will get messy anyway. Can we change this?
  • Why there’s no such thing as a one size fits all room design
    Why do we have to stop trying to decorate to a specific style and use our lifestyles as the departure point of decorating our homes instead?

Guest Bio

Jessica Velazquez is a certified Interior Designer and an entrepreneur. After graduating in Toronto, she worked in Panama combining design and real estate. In Canada, she founded Interiors by Jessica and uses her innovative Threefold Design Map to help her clients and students strategize their dreams, beat decor fatigue, and avoid budget regrets. As a firm believer that our well-being is inseparable from our environment, Jessica created “The 9 Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Our Home-Dreams” and leads the virtual movement Self-Care Begins At Home. She is on a mission to empower others to design spaces that take care of us and set us up for success. For more information, head to https://www.pinstoreality.com and follow @interiors_by_jessica on Instagram.


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