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How to Keep Our Children Entertained & Expand Their Creativity At Home w/Stephanie Anderson

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Keeping kids entertained has never been easy, and COVID-19 has only added fuel to the fire. How can we keep our children busy while we’re working from home, without adding even more to our plates? 

While increasing screen time may sound like an easy fix, that comes with its own challenges. We want our children to be learning valuable skills, and for that, we can’t rely on screens alone. Is that even possible when we’re already juggling homeschooling and our businesses? 

Luckily, we don’t have to do it all on our own. With the help of subscription boxes, we can simplify almost every area of our lives, including keeping our kids entertained and their minds nourished.  

In this episode, Founder and CEO of Peaceful Play, Stephanie Anderson explains how to keep children engaged with educational activities while we work from home.


When kids are bored, we often end up giving them screen time to entertain them, but if we want to teach our children problem-solving skills, they need to be creating. -Stephanie Anderson


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


  1. Why we need to create creators
    The world we live in thrives on consumerism, but our kids shouldn’t only be consuming. We need to encourage them to create through educational activities. 
  2. How to keep kids engaged for longer
    Children lose interest easily, so we can’t just offer them a box of activities hoping they stay engaged. Link the activities to a story so they’re fully involved in every creative task. 
  3. What children learn from interactive activities
    When our little ones do hands-on activities, they’re pushed to think outside the box. These problem-solving skills are helpful well into adulthood, so by encouraging them to be creative from a young age, we’re setting them up for a lifetime of success. 


Guest Bio- 

Stephanie Anderson shows moms who work from home creative ways to keep their kids playing so that they can make time to work from home. As an entrepreneur’s wife and mom of three, Stephanie is obsessed with raising creators, not just consumers. She is the founder of Peaceful Play, a community and resource full of tools to help parents who want to raise entrepreneurial-minded children, and Peaceful Play Box, a subscription box of creative, independent activities for children ages 3 – 7. 


To connect with Stephanie, head to:

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And to order the Peaceful Play Box seasonal subscription box of independent play activities for kids ages 3-7,
head to:

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Dana Malstaff

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