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Boss Mom Spotlight – Shelly Longenecker

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We want you to meet Shelly Longenecker 

Shelly is a wife, mother of 4, and a cancer survivor. She is the founder and author of Dinner for a Dollar where she shows moms how she feeds her family a simple, allergy-friendly, whole food diet with loads of fruits and veggies for $1 per person per meal in about 15 minutes, Monday-Friday.

Why we love Shelly

Shelly is an inspiration and shows us how resilience can truly get us through the hardest of times. Her story in putting her book together is so relatable, and also gives us amazing solutions for challenges that many of us have faced at some point in our lives, and she shows that you can make changes and sacrifices, that don’t compromise your values.

Share a bit about your Boss Mom journey:

Both me and my husband are at least 3rd generation business owners – entrepreneurship runs in our veins! While I had babies, we ran small, side businesses together, but when my youngest started kindergarten, I decided I was ready to dust the Cheerios out of my cardigans and launch my first solo business online. It has been the most exciting thing I have ever done!

One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business 

By far, my #1 piece of advice is to commit to shut off work when it’s family time. When I first launched my business, I worked ALL THE TIME. I loved it so much and I was so excited that I was OBSESSED. Even when I was with my family, all I thought about was my business. I had prioritized my work above my family and it started to strain our relationships. This last year, I fought cancer and I learned – on an incredibly deep level – that our time on this earth is short and fragile. The last thing I want to do is prioritize my work above my family. So, now I have business hours and family hours and do my best to not work during family hours.

Where does Shelly go for inspiration?

I have a really great group of business friends. I don’t have to go any farther than my PM’s for inspiration! These women are KILLING IT in all areas of life. I have to run to keep up.

What Shelly is reading now…

I’m actually reading medical journals right now – HA! Probably not the answer you were expecting. But, I’m currently focused heavily on my health- as I just recovered from cancer and have some ongoing challenges associated with that I need to overcome.

Shelly wants to live in a world where… I never hear the words Corona Virus again. Is that cheating to say that?

This is what Shelly knows to be true…

We all have a 100% chance of death. When we keep this reality at the front of our mind, it helps clarify every single aspect of our lives. Every decision, relationship, venture, and point of focus – becomes clearer. It’s impossible to get “off track” when we remember this. It seems like holding the certainty of our death would be depressing, but I find it inspiring. It gives energy, clarity, and full purpose to every single day. No moment is lost.

Shelly is celebrating something really amazing in her business and we want to celebrate with her…

I’m right at the cusp of my first multiple 5 figure month. I’m looking forward to celebrating that by Sept 15th.

Website and social links: 

Want a sneak peek into how I feed my family whole food, produce-rich dinners for $1 per person? Grab a free chapter from my award-winning book, Dinner for a Dollar. This chapter teaches you one of my favorite strategies for saving time and money in the kitchen! https://dinnerforadollar.co/project/freebies/ 

My book, Dinner for a Dollar, can be found here! https://dinnerforadollar.co/book/ 

Dinner in 15 Minutes Free Workshop https://dinnerforadollar.co/dinner-in-15-workshop/?fbclid=IwAR19sk0D_ofrLWNsq3D0ny-wBMJRkG8-p8qlj9p0-7zNxDZvkMkN_dOMOAY 

http://facebook.com/dinnerforadollar, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1890390961041307/,http://instagram.com/dinnerforadollar


Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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