Episode 253: 5 Must-See Movies for Boss Moms

Episode 253: 5 Must-See Movies for Boss Moms

Sometimes as women, parents and entrepreneurs we need a fresh perspective to help us find what we need to move forward in life and business.


Oftentimes we pay lots of money to coaches and masterminds to help us gain that perspective…but what if we could learn big, life-changing things from movies?


In this episode I’m sharing five must-see movies that I think might just change your life and perspective as a mom entrepreneur (and at the very least, give you an enjoyable evening to unwind with a glass of wine!)

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • Practical life and business lessons from five of my favorite movies
  • How every Boss Mom is more than just one thing, and how to lean into and embrace each part of who we are
  • Why it’s important to not take life or business too seriously and how to find growth opportunities in unlikely places

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