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Boss Mom Spotlight – Julie Ball

Boss Mom Spotlight Template (3)
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We want you to meet Julie Ball

Julie Ball is your Subscription Box Business Coach! She is the Founder and Chief Sparkler of Sparkle Hustle Grow, an award winning multi-six figure subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. She leads thousands of women through personal development and business training in a way that’s fun and supportive. And through her coaching programs, podcast and book, she has helped hundreds of aspiring subscription box business owners turn their ideas into reality. Wife. Mom. Corporate girl turned entrepreneur. Subscription Box Coach. Outdoor enthusiast. Music Lover. Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today, POPSUGAR and more.


Share a bit about your Boss Mom journey:

I was a corporate ladder climber for 10 plus years before I started my own business. Even though I got to work in the music industry, it was very high stress and male-dominated. When I got pregnant with our daughter McKenna in 2011, I had a mindset shift… I didn’t want to work for somebody else anymore. And I began planning my exit strategy, using her arrival as my “out.”


At the same time, I started a side hustle business doing internet marketing for local small businesses. All I needed really was an internet connection, the ambition to find clients and time to do the work. That side hustle grew into my full time gig and really laid the foundation for my subscription box business.


Fast forward to the summer of 2016, my internet marketing agency was humming along and since the work was location independent, we decided to make a big change and moved our family to the mountains. We moved to the Asheville, North Carolina area the summer before our daughter started kindergarten. It’s absolutely gorgeous and we love it here because of the weather, the scenery and the outdoor adventure. But as we were getting settled in our new home, I was just getting a bit unsettled in my work. I was in a new area, a new home. I was always behind the screen… I wasn’t getting that personal interaction that I really craved.


To fill that emptiness, I started dabbling in the product-based business world as a fun new project. After researching the industry, I decided to start Sparkle Hustle Grow, a monthly subscription box for female entrepreneurs. While it started as a side hustle, it’s now a multi-six figure, award-winning business that has allowed me to retire (and hire) my husband!

What makes you excited about becoming a Boss Mom spotlight?

I’m so excited about becoming a Boss Mom Spotlight because this group has been an impactful part of my business since I started it back in 2016. I’ve hired more women from this group than anywhere else!


One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business

Don’t do it alone. Entrepreneurship can be isolating, scary and lonely, so make sure you create a support system around you by pouring into relationships. (both online and in-person) The Boss Mom group was a fantastic place for me to build relationships early in my business and I’m still close with many of them!


Where do you go for inspiration?

My top spots for business inspiration include my team and podcasts; for personal inspiration – anywhere with water: beach, lake, rivers.


What are you currently reading or listening to (podcasts, books, blogs etc)?

Since my subscription box includes a book each month, I am constantly reading and reviewing personal development books. You could say I’m a bit obsessed. Currently reading Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt, Uncloned Marketing by Audria Richmond and Everybody Fights by the Holderness family.


I want to live in a world where…

…we all can lift each other up and not tear each other down.


This is what I know to be true…

Her success doesn’t equal your failure.


One thing you can’t live without…

Other than my faith in God and my family, I can’t live without music! It gives me life and can change my attitude like a switch. Prior to being an entrepreneur, I was lucky enough to work in the live music industry.


What is the big milestone that you are hitting that you are celebrating?

In October 2021, Sparkle Hustle Grow is celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary! And to think it started as a side hustle…


Get to know Julie’s work:

Check out Sparkle Hustle Grow https://www.sparklehustlegrow.com


For Sparkle Hustle Grow: 5 Minutes to Mindset Magic: Your Personal Development Action Plan to finally overcome what’s holding you back. 

For those who want to start a subscription box business of their own: The One Thing You have to Master for a Profitable Subscription Box Business 

Podcast: Subscription Box Basics Podcast with Julie Ball 

Book: Subscription Box Basics

Special offer: 

In the Sparkle Hustle Grow subscribe link below, use code BOSSMOM to save $10 on your first month.


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