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How to Add Social Media Feeds for Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to your Website

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Add social media feeds to your website

I recently wrote a post about how to let your content multitask, and I realized that I didn’t talk about how everything you put on social media should be considered content too. With that in mind, I wanted to make sure that if you’re spending time on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, that you’re allowing that content do double duty for you by having a feed of your social media posts on your website.

Ok, I’m going to jump right in and start with Twitter.

Here are the instructions on how to embed a Twitter feed of your account on your website.

1. Log into your Twitter account

2. Click on your picture in the top right and select Settings

3. At the bottom of your sidebar on the left, select Widgets4

4. Click Create New

5. Under Configuration you have a few options. Here are what they mean:

— Enter your Twitter name

— You have the option of excluding the replies that you tweet from your feed (I keep this checked)

— You can auto expand photos (I keep this checked)

— Height auto sets to 600. I recommend changing it to 300, it just fits better in the sidebar of your website

— Select a light or dark theme based on the look and feel your website

— You can change the link color to fit your website colors. It defaults to blue

6. Click Create Widget

7. At the bottom of the preview panel copy the embed code

8. Paste the embed code into the page or sidebar widget on your site. I’ll show you how to do that for WordPress at the end of the post


Twitter Feed Embed Code

Now onto Pinterest… here’s how you embed a Pinterest feed into your website

1. Click on the link: https://business.pinterest.com/en/widget-builder

2. On the left side of the page you will see 5 options. I recommend clicking the Profile Widget, but feel free to click each one and decide what will work best for your website

3. Click Profile Widget

4. In the Pinterest URL box enter your username after the /

5. Select your size. I prefer the Square, but I encourage you to click each one and preview what it will look like

6. Click Build It

7. You will be presented with the embed code. Copy the code and add it to your website. I’ll show you how to do that for WordPress at the end of the post

Pinterest Feed Embed Code

And finally, let’s look at how to embed an Instagram feed on your website.

1. Click on the link: http://snapwidget.com/#getstarted (Snagit is a free tool)

2. Ignore the blue box on the right and focus on the fields under Customize Your Widget2

3. Enter your Instagram Username

4. Leave the hashtag field blank (that way you get a full feed of your profile instead of just a feed of what you post with that particular hashtag)

5. Select your Widget Type. I played around with each one and the Board option works best. The scrolling opt-in is pretty cool, but then you can’t include the share buttons

6. Enter how many images you want going across and down. I would recommend keeping the across at 2, and making the down either 2 or 3

7. The next important field is the Hover Effect. Select the option that works best for you

— None: Your text will be included under each image. It can take up more room, but if your comments on the image are what help get favorites then you can leave this as None

— Fade In: Your images will be a bit muted and will grow brighter when you hover over them. If you click on the image it will take you to a dedicated page with the comments included

— Fade Out: Does the same things as Fade In, except that it starts at full opacity and fades when you hover over it

8. I recommend clicking YES to Sharing Buttons and Responsive

9. You can preview your widget, and the click Get Widget

10. Copy the embed code and add it to your website


instagramFeed Embed Code


So now you have embed code for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. How do you put them on your site? Since I use WordPress, I’m going to show you how to add each feed to your sidebar as a widget.

As a side note, if someone manages your site, simply send them the embed code and ask them to add it to your sidebar, or even better, just send them this post and let them get the embed code and add it to your site.

If you are going to add it to your website yourself…

1. Log into your WordPress site

2. Select Appearance and then Widget from the sidebar menu

3. On the Widgets page you will see boxes with different options. Find the one that says TEXT

4. Once you click the TEXT box, it will give you a drop down menu of all of your sidebar options. Either select default, or the one that you are currently using for the sidebar on your website

5. Click Add Widget

6. You will notice on the left side of the page that you now have a text box open. Select your Twitter embed code and paste it into the text box. You can leave the title box empty and click Save

7. Go back to the list on the left side and find TEXT again and add it to the sidebar. Now add the Pinterest embed code and click save

8. Add the TEXT button to your sidebar one more time and add your Instagram embed code. I recommend adding a title like Instagram as it isn’t obvious that the feed is from Instagram

9. Now to look at your site and see how lovely it looks


Wordpress Adding Embed Code to Sidebar

Now when people go to your site they will not only be able to easily see the kinds of things you post and opt to follow, they will also be able to share, pin, or favorite particular posts, and learn about any promotions or other information that you post about right there in your sidebar.

Now if that isn’t letting your social media do double duty, then I don’t know what is.

[tweetthis]I just learned how to rock a social media feed on my website. Want to know how?[/tweetthis]

You might have noticed that I didn’t include Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. I haven’t been able to find a good, and easy, way to add in feed from these places. If you know how, please add instructions or a link in the comments below.

So was this helpful? I hope so. My goal is to help you work less, by letting your content work more. If you think this post has brought you one step closer, then please give me a virtual high five in the comments below.

Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff is the Founder of Boss Mom and creator Nurture to Convert.
She is a mother, author, speaker, messaging strategist, podcaster, blind spot reducer, and movement maker. She believes that too many brilliant moms are struggling to figure out how to grow their business while balancing all that is required to be a good mom, partner, and woman. So many moms are trying to grow their business using trends that feel inauthentic and aren't realistic for their inconsistent schedules. She has helped thousands of women become known for their brain and not their dance moves

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