The Top 10 Things MacGyver & Entrepreneurs Have in Common

I grew up with an older brother. I remember wanting to be just like him, and that meant getting dirty, climbing trees, building things…and loving MacGyver. My whole family has always been great at finding some makeshift way to get things done, which is why I think I ended up running a business built around creative brainstorming.

I remember watching MacGyver and wondering how he knew so much, and how he always had a solution for everything. Later, I realized that entrepreneurs have that same makeshift spirit.

So, in honor of MacGyver lovers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Here is my infographic about the Top 10 Things MacGyver & Entrepreneurs Have in Common.

1. Both continually find themselves in unexpected situations.
2. Both constantly have to find innovative ways to address new issues.
3. Both feel like sometimes they are the only one who can solve the problem.
4. Both continually learn from their past experiences.
5. Both know which basic tools are essential and keep them handy.
6. Even when they are on vacation, work seems to find them.
7. Both understand that good friends and connections are essential to being successful.
8. Both know how to laugh and have fun.
9. Both have loyal followers.
10.MacGyver & Entrepreneurs ALWAYS authentically live their brand


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