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A Beginner’s Guide to Judgment-Free Baby Sleep Support w/Jessica Miller

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Most new moms have been at the receiving end of sleep ‘training’ advice at some point. While it’s easy to feel guilted into taking advice from others, when it comes to our babies’ wellbeing, we have to give ourselves permission to listen to our own intuition.

The only thing is, many of us don’t know what our options are. Aside from the more traditional sleep techniques, what are our alternatives?

What is the psychology behind how our babies sleep and how can we use it to find the best solution for their needs?

In this episode, founder of The Postnatal Afterglow Centre, Jessica Miller shares how to stop giving into judgment from other parents and find the best sleep solutions for our little ones.


“As a parent, you should never feel forced or shamed into walking down a path that doesn’t work for you.”

Jessica Miller


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


  1. How to remove the pressure of sleep ‘training’
    Just like digestion, sleep is a physiological skill and we’ll never ‘teach’ our babies to do it. All we can do is give them what they need to sleep, and it will happen. 
  2. Why it’s so important to learn about other parenting methods
    Whether we’re dealing with potty training or sleep support, none of us should ever feel like we’re being pushed down a path that doesn’t work for us. Traditional sleep ‘training’ methods might work for some parents, but not for others, so it’s important to find the best solutions for ourselves and our babies. 
  3. The key to helping your baby fall asleep
    For the first year of a baby’s life, their primary need is to be in the sensation of their primary giver. Hearing our voices, feeling our touch, and even smelling us all contribute to helping our babies feel safe enough to fall asleep.


Guest Bio- 

Jessica Miller is the founder of The Postnatal Afterglow Centre. Driven to start the venture after her own experience with exhaustion as a new mom, Jessica has learned first hand that much of the advice we’re given as parents is not only outdated, but undermines the relationships we have with our children. Today, she is a firm believer that every parent should have the opportunity to choose something that works for them, and uses her platform to provide specialized infant care and support for parents wanting to try connection-based cry, fuss, and sleep solutions.


To find out more and to get the myth-busting resource about parenting mentioned in this episode, go to:


Or email Jessica at jessica@theafterglowcentre.com 


And to find out more about The Afterglow Dreamers Sleep System, a 6-week self-paced sleep program for parents with children 0-18 months looking for an alternative to forced separation sleep practices, go to: 



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Dana Malstaff

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