How to Build a Business People Trust w/Mark Schaefer


Social media and online platforms have brought a lot of changes to the business world, but many brands are slow in adjusting. How can we build an online persona that connects with our customers? How has the role of the customer shifted?

On this episode, author, blogger, and podcaster Mark Schaefer explains why human connection is so important, even with the increasing popularity of virtual spaces.

“Remember that people trust people. You cannot create an emotional connection to an ad or a site.” -Mark Schaefer

Things We Learned From This Episode

1. Respect your customer (07:16- 08:08)
Customers are aware that they have more power now than ever before. The problem is, many businesses don’t act accordingly. To get ahead with the new consumers, it’s vital that businesses respect their customers’ time, resources, and spending habits.


2. Build a brand personality and forge real connections (10:19- 11:27)
No matter how advanced technology becomes, people trust people. It’s important to give your customers a human face they can get to know, like, and trust. Foster loyalty by sharing stories about what you’re going through and by being open.


3. Your customer is your marketer (20:37- 21:56)
Marketing isn’t about the advertisements anymore— it’s about the customer. Businesses are no longer able to buy their way in. We all need to start finding ways to assist our client in their daily lives and build real relationships with them.


While the customer has always been important to businesses, their influence on the sales process has changed significantly. Build relationships with your customers that ensure that they know you value them.


Guest Bio

Mark Schaeffer is a keynote speaker, educator, podcaster and business consultant. Known globally for his work, Mark is celebrated for his approach to marketing and is the bestselling author of six marketing books. Mark is adamant that personal touches are vital for effective marketing in the age of social media.


To get in contact with Mark, head to:





Go to his website, https://businessesgrow.com for more information on his business, and look at https://businessesgrow.com/mark-schaefer/ to see information about his books and career.

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