Episode 269: 5 Ways to Know What You Should Work on Next

Episode 269: 5 Ways to Know What You Should Work on Next

Do you ever struggle with knowing what exactly should come next in your business?

Do you find yourself getting easily distracted with shiny object syndrome and losing focus?

So often as entrepreneurs we waste our time on things that don’t ultimately move our businesses forward, and keep us stuck in places of indecision.

In this episode I’m going to break down 5 specific steps to take in order to figure out what you should be focusing and working on next in your business.


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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • The importance of having a clear understanding of how everything you do in your business will bring in revenue
  • Why you should make choices mindfully that align with your brand and your business vision
  • How to map out where you’re going in order to know where you should be now
  • How to choose what and where to invest so you can execute where you need to
  • The value and importance of being excited about what you’re working on

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