Episode 270: How to Transition into a Career Your Love with Robin Kegerise

Episode 270: How to Transition into a Career Your Love with Robin Kegerise

When you don’t love what you do or how you’re spending your time and your life, it is really hard to find happiness and fulfillment.

Whether you’ve already started a business or are working for someone else there are questions you need to ask yourself and things you need to process through in order to ensure you’re continually doing work you love.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Robin Kegerise, a coach and entrepreneur who supports moms in establishing careers on their own terms, careers in which they utilize their talents, have flexibility in their schedules, and make good income.

She specializes in supporting moms during transitions in order explore options and make thoughtful, informed career decisions that are in line with their values, while helping them figure out how to “make it work” when it comes to having a fulfilling career and raising a flourishing family.

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • The questions you should ask yourself to uncover what it is you really love
  • How money can influence your decision-making, and how to ensure it influences you toward a positive end
  • Why it’s okay to explore, pause, and reflect when making decisions about your life and career
  • How to clarify what you want, where you’re going and map out an implementable action plan
  • Why smaller steps are the key to overcoming overwhelm during times of transition

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