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Episode 15: How Lou Mongello Left His Law Practice and Started Publishing Books About Disneyland


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Building a business isn’t always about the money. It’s about having the freedom to do what we love, surround ourselves with people we actually like, and spend more time with our families. How can we teach our children that their passions aren’t something they should only do in their free time? Why is accountability so important when we get started? How can we increase our income by teaching others to reach the same level of success we have?

In this episode Lou Mongello talks about how he left his law practice and followed his passion to write about Disneyland.

We become magnets for the kind of people we want to attract. – Lou Mongello

Things We Learned From This Episode

  1.   What we love to do can become financially viable  (11:15- 12:15)

Many of us were raised with the notion that we should get an education, graduate, get a job, and do what we love only after finishing work. That’s if we have any time left for the things we love. But by building our businesses, we teach our children that we can take what we love and turn it into what we do for a living.


  1. Building a business gives us the freedom to choose who we surround ourselves with (12:30-14:00)

Choosing to work on our passion leads to having better control over who we surround ourselves with. The people around us can either give us wings or deplete our energy. The difference between the two is important. 


  1. There are many people out there who want to find out how we did it (18:00-19:40)

One of the most valuable things we as entrepreneurs can do is share our knowledge with others. Not only because it’s a win-win situation for us as coaches and for our students, but also because building a business can be a lonely journey.


The best way to start our own business journey is to have someone who keeps us accountable. As parents, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having too many things to do, and when we do have to start working on our business, we get anxious because of the massive amount of work that needs to get done. However, there is a remedy for this: experimenting with a realistic schedule. We should find out what we can and can’t do within a day, and celebrate each win.


Guest Bio

Lou Mongello is a speaker, coach, author, entrepreneur, podcaster, and Disney expert. He’s been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Boston.com, VentureBeat, and many other media outlets. He also helps other business owners follow their passions and turn their what they love into what they do for a living with his branding business. You can find more about Lou here.


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Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff is the Founder of Boss Mom and creator Nurture to Convert.
She is a mother, author, speaker, messaging strategist, podcaster, blind spot reducer, and movement maker. She believes that too many brilliant moms are struggling to figure out how to grow their business while balancing all that is required to be a good mom, partner, and woman. So many moms are trying to grow their business using trends that feel inauthentic and aren't realistic for their inconsistent schedules. She has helped thousands of women become known for their brain and not their dance moves

1 thought on “Episode 15: How Lou Mongello Left His Law Practice and Started Publishing Books About Disneyland”

  1. I am a huge fan of Lou! I’ve been listening to him for years! He is one of the most enthusiastic podcasters ever, and his passion never fails to inspire. What a story his life has been, and what a transition! Thanks for this one.

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