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Episode 358: Nurture Your Business: How to Prep Your Business for the Holidays


During the holidays, it can be easy for us to fall behind or work too much. However, all of this can be prevented with a bit of planning. How does your industry and offerings determine how much time you should put into holiday promotions? What is the holiday revenue that you want? Why is it important to find out what our ideal clients do during this time of the year?

In this episode, I talk about how to make the best out of the holidays by planning in advance.


In business, we all have ups and downs, you need to know your business seasons. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Before we start planning for the holidays, we have to ask ourselves how important this time of the year is for us and our family. The more time we plan to spend with our family, the sooner we need to plan everything ahead.


  • Many of our buying decisions are cyclical, so we have to make sure we prepare our strategy before the holidays kick in. For example, if you have a fitness business, it’s wise to launch a program that focuses on preventing weight gain before the holidays kick into gear.


  • The holidays don’t always have to be about promotions. If our focus is consulting, for example, list-building and prospecting on social media might work best for our business model.


We have to think about our ideal client and ask ourselves what sort of buyer behaviors they have during the holidays. Are they more likely to buy our products during this time of the year? The answers to these questions will determine how much time we need to invest in our holiday promotions ahead of time.

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