The Magic of Writing That Book (Even If You Don’t End Up Publishing It) w/Danielle Fetherson

Whether we end up publishing it or not, the process of writing a book is highly valuable. It allows us to dig deeper, marinate our thoughts and figure out and dial in our messaging. 

Even pretending to write a book will give us more clarity and it makes everything about marketing our businesses easier. 

Where do we begin the process of laying out a book? How does the process help us have more fun in our businesses? 

In this episode, book coach Danielle Fetherson returns to share why writing a book is such a worthwhile process.

Write a book, whether you publish or not.

-Dana Malstaff  

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to implement our brilliant ideas
    As moms, we might think we don’t have the space for deep thought, but is time for implementation what we’re really missing?
  • The backbone of a great book
    What’s the very first thing we need to do in the process of writing our book?
  • Why a book will boost your brilliance
    Many of us don’t think we have enough expertise to write a book, but can the process actually make us more competent at what we do?

Guest Bio

Danielle helps ministers and coaches write books, even if they’ve been stuck for years, are short on writing time and don’t love writing. She does this through developmental editing, ghostwriting services, publishing consultations and book coaching that guides authors through the entire book writing and publishing journey.

For more information, find her on Facebook.


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