How to Feel Good About the Way You Sell w/Miriam Thiel

Sales can be difficult, especially if we look at selling as if it’s a burden. If we don’t feel good about how we sell, we won’t feel good about closing the sale. 

How do we sell with integrity? How do we engage in sales in a way that feels more heart centered and not burdensome? 

In this episode, multi-passionate entrepreneur Miriam Thiel joins me to talk about ethical sales, the future of sales with women and how you can serve and sell.

It’s not always all about selling, it’s about having conversations.

-Miriam Thiel

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Sales engagement and why we feel nervous about it
    We tend to feel nervous when it comes to engaging in sales because we feel like selling is a burden. How can we serve our clients while selling?
  • Why messaging is so important
    How do we engage with people and show them that we care?
  • Why women buy into high pressure programs
    Why do women tend to buy into high pressure programs? What are some alternatives to this?

Guest Bio

Swiss-based Miriam Thiel is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, mom of one, expat, and dot connector. Since 2019, Miriam has built her online business to serve empathic entrepreneurs who are looking to grow a flexible and soul filling life and business with her business and trauma-trained life coaching, breathwork and tech creativity.

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