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Episode 294: Free Your Mind: How to Overcome Trauma, Break Limiting Beliefs & Take Responsibility for Your Happiness w/Jacqui Letran

Trauma can be defined as something that has severe emotional consequences. Why is it sometimes so hard to identify the source of your trauma? How do techniques like EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy help people change limiting beliefs? What is the first step you can take towards mental freedom? On this episode Mindset Mentor, Jacqui Letran…

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Episode 292: How To Be a Misfit Entrepreneur with Dave Lukas

Breaking through to new levels in your live and business require 3 elements: Discipline, Consistency and Persistency. Misfit Entrepreneur Dave Lukas joins us to share how to take control of your life, build daily routines that work for us, and why we should all stop trying to be a jack of all trades. Things happen…

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Episode 282: How to Assess Failure So You Can Move Forward with Valerie Friedlander

As we continue to discuss tweaking and refining to grow our businesses, part of that process is learning to be okay with reviewing our failures so we can make them better…but it’s not always easy! In this episode I’m joined by my personal life coach, Valerie Friedlander, to explore how we can assess our failures…

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Episode 278: The Mindset of Organization with Lisa Woodruff

Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist and author of The Mindset of Organization: Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization. She believes organization is not a skill you are born with, but rather a skill that is developed over time and changes with each…

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Episode 277: How to Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time

What do you think your life and business would look like if you began focusing on managing your energy instead of just managing your time? In this Nurture Your Business segment I am exploring how learning to understand, honor, and manage your energy well is the true key to effective time management, and ultimately, a more…

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The Boss Mom 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Featured image

The Boss Mom 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Can we be honest for a minute- finding the perfect gift for all the loves in our lives can be a bit overwhelming, right? Tell me it’s not just me. There’s so much to do around the holidays… and p.s.: our normal lives don’t stop… so it’s basically just lists after lists this time of…

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Episode 266: Have You Discovered Your Sweet Spot? with Dana & NJ

Have you discovered your sweet spot in business yet? That’s a pretty loaded question, and one that many people would probably answer “no” to if they are being honest.   Finding your sweet spot is really important, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it can seem.   In this episode we’re diving into what…

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Why You Must Start Making Bread – Like Yesterday!

What’s that you say? ‘Must’ is too strong a word? As if bread making isn’t something you think can change a person from the inside out? Sure, it’s delicious, fun, and makes gifting easy – and that alone could be reason enough to start. But let’s go beneath the surface so I can show you…

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Episode 261: Are You Hungry for Happiness? with Samantha Skelly

In this episode I’m joined by the amazing Samantha Skelly, Founder of Hungry for Happiness, to talk about how to identify what we’re truly hungry for in life and how to start honoring ourselves and our bodies by ending the battle with food and body image.   If you’ve ever struggled with your relationship to…

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A Simple Yoga Sequence for the Traveling Boss Mom

You know that phrase, “it’s the journey, not the destination…..”?   Well, this mantra always strikes me when I get ready to hit the open road.   I love to travel but the journey is not always the most fun. With family 700 miles away, super long car rides to get there, and young children…

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