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Episode 361: Mindset, Limiting Beliefs & How We Can Remove Overwhelm By Delving into the Subconscious w/Tracy Bech

  As entrepreneurs, we may often feel like something is holding us back from getting to the next level. In a lot of the cases, it’s our own thoughts and negative stories we tell ourselves about taking a certain action. How does our way of mentally and emotionally processing a challenge or opportunity impact whether…

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Episode 14: How to Get to the Highest Level of Income Generation w/Michael Koenigs

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we aren’t happy, even despite making money. We may have financial power, but no time for ourselves and our families. How can we create more opportunities for ourselves that don’t make us slaves to our work? What are the three levels of income generation? What…

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Episode 12: Jim Sheils on Creating Balance with Your Business & Making Time for the People You Love

Being an entrepreneur requires sacrifice, and we may often end up sacrificing the time spent with our families as a result. How can we be both successful and intentional about how we spend time with our spouses and kids? What are the three golden rules for spending quality time with our kids? In this episode,…

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Episode 346: How to Build Confidence and Bravery in Our Daily Lives w/Sarah Humes

  Negative experiences in our lives come with emotional scars, baggage, and other burdens. How can we unpack these things and overcome the emotional consequences of what we’ve faced? How do we bring a bit more confidence and bravery into our daily lives? How do we know when a fear is serious and needs to…

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Episode 9: Overcoming Life’s Hardships Without Losing Hope for a Better Tomorrow w/Bryan Falchuk

Loving ourselves, finding the will to change, and chasing our goals can all be achieved if taken step by step. How do we find the will to change when we don’t love ourselves enough to believe we can do it? Why shouldn’t we dwell on the past or make predictions about the future? And why…

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Episode 6: How to Make Time to Spend With Your Family as a Busy Entrepreneur w/ Rich Brooks

Entrepreneurs often speak about freedom, but few manage to achieve it. How can you gain your free time back as a business owner? How does working less affect your business mindset? How can you block negative or doubtful thoughts? In this episode, Rich Brooks shares how he made time for his two daughters while leading…

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Episode 3: Take Bold Action and Get What You Want with Acclaimed Artist, Jay Alders

More about Jay: Jay Alders is an internationally acclaimed artist whose distinctive style is recognized around the world. His work has been featured on TV, magazine covers and albums. Jay does live painted on stage with rockstars. Jay lives with his entrepreneurial wife Chelsea and their 3 young children at the Jersey shore. Things We…

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Episode 323: Nurture Your Business: Understanding Your Ideal Client Scale

When you get into business, you’re often told that you need to know your ideal client avatar. However, when you focus on one specific group, there’s so much you miss. Why is it so important to have a scale of your ideal clients? How can knowing your scale help you craft your marketing? On this…

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Episode 320: Tweaking vs. Pivoting, Overcoming Camera Shyness & Being Consistent w/Amy Porterfield

  Entrepreneurs are so easily caught up in “shiny object syndrome” and move to the next thing before giving the last thing a real chance. How long should you stay horizontal on one strategy, system, or tactic? Does work-life balance exist? How do you get over the shyness of being on camera? On this episode,…

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Episode 298: Resilience and the ComeBACK Formula w/Sandra Younger

We are all constantly faced with challenges in our lives, both big and small. We constantly talk about how to move past challenges, but rarely talk about how to build up the skills that allow us to be resilient in the first place. Why is resilience necessary, and how do we build it up? How…

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