3 Things You Must Do Before the Year Ends

We’ve got a little time before 2019 ends, and when a new year starts, we’re so “full steam ahead” towards the future, that there are things from this year we won’t remember to do. What are 3 important things we must remember to do before 2020 starts and why are they important? In this episode, […]

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Positive Parenting Techniques for Your Business

Positive parenting is a nurturing process that helps us teach our kids to be independent, while still offering our unconditional support and love along the way. Is it possible to apply these techniques to our businesses? How can we foster nurturing relationships with our clients, while also setting boundaries? On this episode, we discuss the […]

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Nurture Your Business: How to Celebrate Your Independence as a Boss Mom

  As Boss Moms, guilt is a feeling we’re all used to. How can you stop guilt from holding you back? What should motivate you to keep going? On this episode, in honor of Independence Day, I’m reminding you to shed your guilt and feel proud of what you’ve achieved as a Boss Mom. Independence […]

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How to Be at Peace with the Person You Are Right Now w/Shannon Kinney-Düh

Never underestimate the importance of being in touch with yourself and valuing who you are right now. How can you become more in tune with yourself? Should you be working on yourself constantly- or giving yourself some space? On this episode, holistic life coach Shannon Kinney-Düh shares the importance of being at peace with yourself. […]

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Episode 390: How to Rewire Your Brain and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed w/Dr. Shannon Irvine

So many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the number of things they want to achieve, and often their health is affected because of it. How can you stop feeling that overwhelm? Why is it so important to know how you’re wired? On this episode, Dr. Shannon Irvine shares her experience with changing her approach to something […]

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Episode 377: How Women Experience Betrayal & How to Heal From It w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Whether it’s friends, family or partners, when someone we love and trust betrays us, we go through a difficult cycle of emotions. It can feel like our whole life comes apart. What is the cycle of emotions and symptoms of this betrayal? How do we avoid getting stuck in that betrayal for the rest of […]

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Episode 376: Building Support Networks & Friendship Groups for the Modern Woman w/Michelle Kennedy

  Our modern, busy world can be a lonely place if we don’t have a support group that understands what we deal with as moms, entrepreneurs and women. Why is this such a huge opportunity for social networks of today? Why is it so powerful for women to have a voice and a space to […]

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Episode 367: Making Big Life Changes, Overcoming Challenges & Why We’re The Secret Ingredient of Our Children’s Happiness w/ Julie Ciardi

  Sometimes life forces us to make scary choices and bold moves to get what we want. Going through this can be challenging and emotional. How does entrepreneurship make us more equipped to deal with challenges and differences with other people? What are some of the lessons that have come from going through a divorce, […]

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Episode 365: How Animals Saved My Life & Sanity w/Val Heart

  Communicating with animals is something we typically think only a few people can do, but we all have the ability. How do we tap into this gift and enter into collaboration and partnership with our pets? How do we create a better family communication structure with our animals and help our children connect with […]

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Episode 363: The Importance of Refilling Our Cups & Running Our Businesses On Systems w/Kelly Roach

  As moms and entrepreneurs, one thing we’re often guilty of is putting ourselves at the bottom of our long to-do lists. How does this negatively impact our kids and businesses? Why should we treat self-care as an urgent essential in our lives? Why are systems the only way we can grow a business that […]

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