Desire, Intimacy & All the Ways They Influence Our Relationships w/ Annika Cook

Desire is something really normal, but we don’t talk about it and the way intimacy can impact the way we feel about ourselves and the relationships we sustain.

A lot of the things we believe about intimacy and desire could actually work against creating a deeper connection, so how do we shift to something better?

How does desire actually work and how can the connection we have with our bodies influence desire?

In this episode, sex and couples therapist Annika Cook joins me to discuss what desire is, how it impacts our relationships, even the one we have with ourselves.

Obligation kills desire.

-Annika Cook

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to prepare for intimacy, even when you have kids
    It can be difficult to be intimate even when it’s just us and our partner, but how do we prepare for intimacy when there are kids in the picture?
  • The impact of Hollywood’s portrayal of desire
    Hollywood and the media has a huge impact on what desire should look like and how it should happen. How does desire actually work in reality?
  • The intimacy framework
    What steps can we take to establish a deeper connection?

Guest Bio

Annika Cook is a Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, wife, mama of littles and person of deconstructed-reconstructed faith. Her passion is teaching couples how to cultivate intimate lives they feel great about, with the insight of a therapist and the perspective of a working mom, living in an ever changing body, ten years past the honeymoon phase.

For more information, head to ​​https://www.growintimacy.com/, follow Annika on Instagram and Facebook.


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