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We are so glad you found us because that means you have a burning desire to create something in this world...something that positively impacts people AND also makes you money.

You are in the right place.

Here at Boss Mom, we know all to well the challenges of raising babies and businesses at the same time and you need more than just great resources (which we have) you also need a strong support system (we have that too).

We want to be your new support system and you navigate this Boss Mom life and help you give your business a growth spurt at the same time.

I'll be your let me introduce myself.



I’m Dana, Boss Mom Founder

I started Boss Mom because I was sick of feeling guilty about wanting to have a family and a business at the same time, and wondering if maybe I couldn't be a good mom if I didn't want to stay at home and be with my kids 24/7. When I finally recognized that being an entrepreneur actually makes me a better mom because I am pursuing my passions, the world began to open up.

So in 2015, I wrote my first book, Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro and from there we launched the Boss Mom Movement.

We all have different goals, desires, and ways of leading our lives, and we should all value that unique journey. Ultimately, we are women trying to be good parents and good business owners at the same time. We yearn to pursue what we love, love who we are, and create something beautiful in this world.

Here at Boss Mom we believe that there is a specific way to start, run, and grow your business that ensures your business doesn't end up keeping you from your family. We call it the Boss Mom Method and we want to be your favorite place to get resources, community, and guidance to grow your business the Boss Mom way.


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Boss Mom is a community of passionate moms & entrepreneurs. Our families and our businesses are our babies and we love both with absolute certainty. We seek support just as much as we give support and believe that each member has a big beautiful brain with a ton of value to give. We embrace our own crazy with a warm hug and know that you can't cry our your intelligence, so why apologize for those 'hot mess' days. We are all seeking to impact the world in our own way, and we are stronger when we are together. If this sounds good to you...then you have found your people.

The Boss Mom Podcast

Where women in all stages of raising their business and family go to get tools, tips, and support to help make their Boss Mom lives just a little bit easier.

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Dana is like having a marketing genius fairy in your pocket!

Mallory Majcher

I made back my investment within 3 weeks of joining the academy.

Oksana Pasishnychenko

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in a room with Dana, do it.

Bevin Ferrand

I've been working with a business coach (Dana Malstaff <<she's amazing. Go hire now!)

And something she's been subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, working into me is that I don't need anyone else's confirmation.

Her goal for me is to not need her as a crutch and to recognize that I know stuff - like REALLY know stuff!

Katie Chase

I love that you exude and live by the truth you share that "you have a big beautiful brain" and that having children in our lives/businesses [doesn't] make our content/contributions "any less valuable."

The fear of judgment has across my mind all too many times, but thankfully my clients never felt that way.

You helped me get over that fear and own it!!!

Evangelia Stavros Leclaire