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Should moms take advice from successful men?

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Never take advice from successful men when it comes to setting boundaries, time management or prioritization UNLESS…

They understand your life and business through the lens of being a primary caregiver. Even the best advice on paper, might not be slightly good advice for you and your life.

Moms can’t just set better boundaries with their babies and tell them to not need them when they’re working.

They can’t tell schools to stop having so many in-service days because it disrupts their schedules and work flow.
And can you imagine how ineffective it would be to tell her hormonal fluctuations they need to just settle down so she can stop feeling forlorn and write her emails?

Here’s the thing I want men and women to know.

To the successful men, who aren’t the primary caregivers:

Our advice on having a single priority as a childless, successful man is valuable. But it’s not relevant to me.

The the women looking for good advice:

You have a big beautiful brain and are totally capable of filtering out any advice that makes you feel like your circumstances are wrong!
There will be GREAT advice you can glean from successful mean, and there will be advice you need to just accept isn’t right for you.

What advice have you been given that you can let go of, OR adjust to fit your life and needs?

I remember when John Lee Dumas told me his hour long, non-negotiable morning routine back when I had 2 babies. That was advice that was good, but didn’t fit my life. So, I laughed and told myself maybe one day I would have a non-negotiable morning routine, and actually I do now. My kids are 8 & 10, though. So… take that example with a grain of salt and please go give yourself permission to let some advice that’s been weighing on you go!
Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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