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Positive Parenting: How to Handle Tantrums & Help Our Kids Process Their Emotions w/Lindsay Ford


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With everything going on in the world right now, one of the biggest changes and challenges parents are facing is having their children at home. Our kids are also dealing with changes to their daily schedules and activities, which is overwhelming and leading to more tantrums and emotional outbursts. When our children experience negative emotions, we need to be equipped to help them process what they are feeling in a constructive and positive way. 

What is positive parenting and why is it such a constructive approach for both children and parents? How do we teach our kids that expressing their negative emotions can be healthy? How do we set the household culture and mindset around emotions? 

On this episode, parenting coach and positive parenting expert, Lindsay Ford, talks about the importance of being proactive, not reactive when our kids throw a tantrum.


Tantrums are an emotional outlet and sometimes it’s okay to let them happen. They will get through the tantrum and it teaches them to be emotionally resilient. -Lindsay Ford 


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


  1. How to handle a tantrum
    Recognize the signs, and notice the build up of emotion. If we’re aware of the precursors of the tantrum, we can mitigate it and validate their feelings which helps them feel better. Lindsay shares ways to help our kids through a tantrum.
  2. What is positive parenting?
    Positive parenting is about treating our kids with respect, not putting blame or shame on them, and remembering that they do better and behave better when they feel better. When they express their emotions, we shouldn’t make them feel like emotion cannot be tolerated because that creates negativity.
  3. Parents also need to mitigate their emotions
    Sometimes as parents, we need to put ourselves in time out and be the ones to give ourselves space to process and deal with our own emotions. We’re much more effective as parents when we’re calm, than when we’ll be when we’re reacting in the moment. Learn practical tips to help you maintain your calm in the episode.

Guest Bio- 

Lindsay Ford is a parenting coach, certified in Positive Discipline. She helps moms interpret what their child is really saying when they act out and gives them the strategies they need to restore a sense of calm and cooperation back into their homes.

To get The Practical Guide to Working at Home With Kids visit thinkfeeldecide.com.

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