Episode 2: How to Live Life in the Front Row with Jon Vroman

Welcome to episode 2 of the new Boss Dad podcast. Jon Vroman, the founder of the Front Row Foundation, is the perfect start to our first season. His journey from in debt to #1 college speaker in the nation is a journey you are going to want to hear. Have a listen as he talks about discovering his passion to help men create better communication and connection with their family and show you how to be a family man with a business as opposed to being a businessman with a family.

Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Your top values are needed to be aligned. Have a life partner that you can connect with and grow with.
  2. If you ask yourself what you’d valued and what you’d need happening in your world to be fully alive, the business has to love and changes as well.
  3. For people like us, doing the things that we want to make those moments, it is to the expressions that look of the statement of gratitude or surprise that just totally makes worth it.
  4. He didn’t want to be a businessman with a family. He wanted to be a family man with a business.
  5. Helps your kids to know who they are and to know what’s life about and to be a good human being. Be a problem solver. Be a contributor to a society.


He’s been speaking, writing and helping people to as he lives life for that role and which is really better, being engaged, being fully present, being courageous in life and stepping out to the people places and passions that make you come alive.


Create harmony between life and family.

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Referenced in the Show

Find out more about Jon Vroman: Jon Vroman helps men become better husbands, fathers and family men. His Front Row Dads podcast focuses on sharing tools for healthy marriages, empowered parenting, and emotional mastery. His community serves high-performing entrepreneurial men who believe in being family men with businesses, not businessmen with families. More at FrontRowDads.com or in Instagram  instagram.com/frontrowdads Check out Dana’s interview on the Front Row Factor Podcast: #113: Boss Moms, Inside Jokes, Building Community & Course Creation with Dana Malstaff

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