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How to Create Sellable Products When You Have Kids Running Around

With everything that’s happened in the world in the wake of COVID-19, a lot of us have gotten stuck in a rut and having our kids home all the time has taken a toll on our creative processes. However, to create sellable products, we have to find ways to jolt ourselves out of that foggy state of mind.

How can we kickstart our creativity during this period? Is it even possible to run a business smoothly in-between home-schooling our children and keeping them entertained?

While we have to give ourselves grace in this time, at the end of the day, we have businesses to run and things to do. 

On this episode, we discuss how to get your brain into a creative space while we’re trapped in survival mode and the exact way a sellable product is made. 


Creativity is a muscle that you need to stretch and flex. Couple that with a breakdown of how to create a sellable product and even during tough times you can create something amazing and profitable.  -Dana Malstaff 


3 Things You’ll Learn in this Episode


  1. How to move back into a creative space where your best work can happen…even when it feels like life is full of interruptions and uncertainty. 
  2. Several tactics that you can use to create more energy, creativity, and productivity… like the 10-minute method, sleep exercises, and more.
  3. What needs to be included in order to make a sellable product…and even more importantly…what needs to NOT be included.

If you are feeling the pressure of this crazy time too, then listen to the podcast now!

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