How Leveraged Mentorship Can Help Lead Future Leaders w/Matt Johnson

It’s evident that the world and how we do things is changing, especially how we grow and run our businesses. A big part of this comes down to the people within our businesses and the way we lead them.

College doesn’t necessarily equip the people we want to hire with the skills they need to be successful, so how can we step in and bridge that gap? How do we help our employees and teams be a part of something bigger?

In this episode, the CEO of Pursuing Results, Matt Johnson returns to discuss the power of leveraged mentorship and what the future of leadership looks like.

We’ve created this culture where we lift up people who went and sat in a classroom forever, but we somehow are demeaning to the people who went out and worked.

-Dana Malstaff

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The power of micro-coaching
    How does micro-coaching help interns and freelancers take their first steps?
  • How to make mentorship rewarding
    Can we create the ultimate win-win scenario through the way we mentor people?
  • Getting around people who have the skills you need
    Buying courses or going to college aren’t the only ways to improve your skills. How else can we gather the knowledge we need?


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