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Episode 301: Nurture Your Business: Creating Opt-Ins that Convert

A lot of entrepreneurs feel lost in the forest of the online world of opt-ins, freebies, and content upgrades. Why is it so important to put your opt-in in the context of your larger business strategy? How do you make sure the opt-in actually converts?

On this episode, I talk in-depth about 5 tactics that will help you create opt-ins that bring people through your sales funnel.

“It’s not just about the knowledge you have. It’s about someone wanting to be in your space.” – Dana Malstaff


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Don’t think of an opt-in as an end result, think of it as the beginning.
  • Sales pages: stop telling people what the features are, and start telling them what the benefits are.
  • Your personality matters just as much as your content, so make sure it shines through.

Your opt-ins can’t just be opt-ins. They have to be part of your overall business strategy, and you have to see them as the beginning of a relationship and not the end goal. Remember: the purpose is to give a good first impression so people want to learn about and engage with you even more. It’s all about giving them a reason to want to get into your space.

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