Episode 268: How to Leverage Your Creativity for Your Business with Kerstin de Boer

Episode 268: How to Leverage Your Creativity for Your Business with Kerstin Pressler

Learning the business skills necessary to make a living doing what you love as an artist can be a real challenge, but today’s guest is turning the “starving artist” myth on its head and sharing how she has done just that.

Kerstin Pressler is a fine artist, living a creative life for nearly a decade, and a mentor to visual creatives that strive to live their creative passion without suffering financially.

She is a role model to visual creatives that seek to combine their creative passion with entrepreneurialism, and when she’s not working on one of her artworks or taking care of her amazing creative clients, she’s out and about exploring nature with her son and husband.

In this episode we are going to talk about how to take your creativity and talents and actually turn them into a legitimate business, so if you’re having a hard time infusing your passion into your business logistically, this one will be a must-listen!

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • How Kerstin turned her art school background and talents into a successful art and education business
  • The “myth” of the starving artist
  • How rituals can help you learn to trigger your creativity
  • Why artists need to learn business skills and adopt a business mindset if they want to be successful at making a living doing what they love
  • The importance of finding clarity when starting your creative business

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