Episode 24: A Very Special Announcement + Grow Your Business With These 4 Monthly Tasks

This is a very special episode of the Boss Mom podcast. In this episode you’ll hear Dana and NJ come together to talk about what’s next for the Boss Mom Brand, share a few awesome tips, and share what’s new with the Dana and NJ podcast episodes. Let’s dive right in.

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Can I quote you on that? 

  • It is just so awesome to have a community. I love our Boss Mom Tribe. – Dana
  • The Boss Mom Academy is going to be a place where you can grow and gain momentum in your business, but you’ll also be around people who understand that sometimes your kid is going to be home sick. – Dana
  • The Boss Mom Academy is going to be all about action and business. Dana
  • Business is people. – Dana’s dad

Take the next step!

Head here to learn more and apply to be part of the first class of the Boss Mom Academy. (Make sure you apply soon, the applications deadline is Feb 28th and the program starts March 7th.



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