It’s Time to Raise Your Business
(Without the Frustrating “Growing Pains”)

Let's Build a Business Routine That Brings in Consistent Income

“This Program is a GAME CHANGER! So glad I did it!”

- Ellie Hall-

There’s no shortage of passion when it comes to your business...

but clarity, confidence and the right guidance to grow it to where it needs to be is definitely something you could use more of, right?

  • You’re overwhelmed with the countless “solutions” from all corners of the Internet…

  • It’s (past) time to start making REAL money…

  • The frustration from hurdle after hurdle is taking its toll…

  • You’re tired of feeling stuck when all you crave is momentum…

  • And frankly, this whole entrepreneurial thing is a bit harder than you expected, isn’t it?

Been there, done that…and scaled my business
(after a few tough lessons myself!)


Well…I consistently started doing a few things right (finally) and stopped doing the wrong things that cost me time and money, like:

Adding too much to my plate...

Saying yes to things (and people) that were the wrong fit...

Buying things I didn’t use...

Building things I didn’t sell...

  • You wake up and feel excited about the day and then realize you don’t know what you need to do to move forward?

  • You say yes to the wrong people and things and then they make you constantly question your value?

  • You feel passionate and work so hard only to feel like you have to constantly prove that it can work to everyone around you?






  • Boss Mom isn’t my first business

  • I spent two years not making consistent income

  • I felt smart an capable and also completely lost

  • I spent money that didn’t get me anywhere

But then Boss Mom was born, and
within months my business was a real business.

Ready for the system that finally got me unstuck?

  • I turned my business into more than just programs to sell- I turned it into a movement that generated community, trust, and loyalty. (People will call this branding, but in RYB we’ll explain it in a way that makes sense... and most importantly, is easy to duplicate!)

  • I realized that helping people and impacting people were not the same thing... and that I needed to not just find the people that needed my help, but also had the resources to take my advice and make real change. (In RYB we teach you how to do this, too.)

  • I picked a platform and made it my Cheers… you know the one- where everyone knew my name. Ps: Being everywhere is so last season. (You guessed it… in RYB we have a process to make this work for you.)

  • I created a strategic journey for my tribe to help lead them to my programs in a way that felt authentic and converted. (YES, those two things can live together.)

  • I lived + breathed sales funnels... and they became my life (Don’t worry you don’t have to do this because RYB makes that process so.much.easier for you. You’re Welcome.)

  • I began to automate and build processes in my business so I could grow faster without adding more to my plate. (Of course, we show you #allthehacks so you can do them too!)

When Boss Mom really took off it was because we began to document and distill down the steps and actions that actually worked <<---- To figure out the elusive “secret sauce” that finally did the trick.

and that's how....


When you decide to Raise Your Business you’ll get full access to me to help you:

  • Clarify your objectives

  • Make the right money-generating decisions

  • Take action for real results

  • Gain the confidence you need to boldly lead and act

  • Create, build and maintain momentum in your business

  • Achieve the results you need to grow

Feel a happy dance coming on? Well, watch out, because we’re just getting started…

“You need this - trust me. And trust Dana - she is telling you the truth . This will help you get your act together. I needed it and I have an MBA.”

Let's Take a Look at the Guided Six Module Program

Thinkific Course Cards (20)

Module 1: The Business Breakdown

Odds are you have already started your business, but something just isn't working. You aren't getting the traction or momentum you want. I get it but giving you a solution without having you take a look at what you currently have isn't a good way to start. It would be like going to the grocery store without seeing what you have in the cupboards. You end up wasting money and time. In this module, we will walk through the main components of your business, assess where you are now, where you want to go, and what we need to do and measure to get you there. This will help you make decisions and commit. 

Copy of Thinkific Course Cards

Module 2: Understand Your Market

You can’t serve your people if you don’t know who they are in the first place… and there’s no point in trying to get money from a stone, either. Together we’ll build your ideal client scale so you can tailor your products and services to exactly what they need when they need it and who will actually pay you for it. (That’s right… half the battle is knowing who your ideal client IS NOT!) Plus we work through how your market takes in information so that you know the best place to hang out and find them. (aka you don't have to be everywhere)

Copy of Thinkific Course Cards (1)

Module 3: Movement & Branding

Learn how to connect, excite and inspire your tribe into action by clearly defining and communicating what your business stands for with brand words that are authentic TO YOU. Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill marketing when you can stand out from the crowd. We will not only show you how to uncover your movement, but also the words you will use on everything you create, how to use it to pitch yourself, and how to leverage it to draw people in.

RYB2.0-modules (8)

Module 4: Visibility & Sales

This is where we plan out your business routine. We don't want you spinning your wheels hanging out on social media all day and not getting anywhere with your business. You want to be visible in the right places without wasting time, and you want to be able to get your ideal people on calls and into training that allows you to convert to sales. This module is all about showing you which daily tasks will get you there, and how to actually be visible and sell when the time comes. 

RYB2.0-modules (9)


Module 5: Packages & Programs

People buy from people they trust and being clear and focused on what you offer and how you offer it can make the difference between no clients and a waiting list. We walk you through how to structure your 'done for you' services, group programs, and courses. And you better believe that I won't leave you hangin when it comes to course creation. We show you how to create a course check out the launch bonus that will show you how to ensure your course sells. 

RYB2.0-modules (10)

Module 6: Free to Paid Journey

Master the strategic steps of taking your ideal clients from consuming the free (yet, clearly amazing) content you provide to becoming full-blown (and continuous) paying clients. You’re in this to make money after all, right? So stop wasting time, money and brainpower creating content that doesn’t convert into $$$! 

Plus, the what, why and how of sales funnels that you need to understand. We’ll walk through the irresistible opt-in, must have email sequences, and the right tech tools (think countdown timers and automation!) so your sales funnel is bringing in the bucks for you day in and day out. 

“Raising Your Business™ has transformed my business in the 3 months I’ve been a student! I’m so excited to dive into each section and really learn new things about myself and how to approach all of the different areas of my business.”

- Marylin De La Hoz, CEO With Love Studios -

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.00.28 AM

Raising Your Business™ is more than just another great program with effective business advice (though, of course, it IS that too!) Instead, RYB surrounds you with people that get “YOU” that means you need to know if I attract your kind of people.

So, if we haven’t already met, I’m Dana! I’m a mom of two, author, podcaster, business and content strategist, blind spot reducer and movement maker living in sunny San Diego, CA. A few years ago I started Boss Mom because I was sick of feeling guilty for wanting to nurture a family and raise my business at the same time. Was it possible to still be a good mom if I didn't want to stay home and be with my kids 24/7? Could I run a successful business if I had a family that needed me? Um, yep, I most certainly could… and so I did.

Here are a few other things you should know about me:

  • I believe that pursuing our passions and staying true to ourselves makes us better at being both a mom and successful entrepreneur.

  • I have written two (soon to be three) books, Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business and Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro and the Boss Mom Movement.

  • I recognize that at the end of the day we’re all women trying to be good parents and business owners, yearning to pursue what we love, love who we are, and create something beautiful in this world. And I think that’s pretty spectcaular.

  • I have a passion for all things peanut butter & frozen yogurt (with gummy bears)

  • Sometimes my best brainstorming sessions take place at a noisy local pub with a cold beer or glass of wine in my hand and a good friend at my side.

  • I love hugs and highfives because I am a total extrovert and phyical touch is my love language

  • My kids are hilarious and constantly reminding me of how important the balance is to this thing we call life. They also frustrate me like nothing else sometimes... but nothing good is ever easy.

  • I firmly believe that in both families and business, we need support, resources and connection to be successful… and that’s exactly what I aim to give you in RYB!


There have been so many things that have been great about RYB. It’s helped me focus and strategize more effectively. I’ve become more disciplined in what I’m working on rather than jumping from thing to thing. It’s helped me really identify my target market and how to best serve them. It’s challenged me to think and be more creative. Lastly, as someone who loves organization, it’s extremely organized and well laid out so it’s easy to follow.

Marie Jackson

The RYB program is chock full of amazing nuggets that I can put into action immediately. With each module, I end with a list of action steps that I can implement in my business right away. I love Dana’s realness and humor in the videos and how she dives deeper than the surface level of our why and really digs into the passion behind it. 

Natalie Hughes

The RYB course is great! The convenience of being able to complete it at your own pace and tailor it to your business no matter the industry is fantastic. The added value of the Facebook group allows for feedback on changes you are making by other likeminded entrepreneurs and create long-lasting relationships with them is the greatest bonus! And the items in the vault provide continuous opportunities for learning and implementing new ideas. 

Sharon Portnoy

How does it all go down?
Glad you asked...


Lifetime Access to all 6 guided modules

Business is a “never stop learning” kind of thing- and so is the RYB 10-Point Path. With lifetime access to the video lessons, workbooks, cheat sheets and bonuses, you can keep coming back with each new launch, pivot and milestone in your business.

$10,000 value


Exclusive Membership to a Private Facebook Community

Join our incredible Raising Your Business FB group to connect with other like-minded Boss Moms around the world. Not to be mistaken for our massive (and equally great) Boss Moms group, the RYB community is exclusive, intimate and made up of other women going through the exact journey you are. THIS is your place to ask questions, brainstorm, support and learn from others!

$600 value

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.56.14 AM

Access to 12 Monthly “Ask Me Anything” Group Calls

Have a Q? Great- ask away during one of our monthly “Ask Me Anything” group calls.This is the perfect opportunity to ask specific questions for your business- and get the impactful solutions you need from myself and other unstoppable women. Just imagine: coaching, brainstorming, and strategizing tailor-made for the hurdles you’re currently facing. Ask and you shall receive because no one gets left out on these calls!

$3600 value


Your Very Own Snazy Workbook

Yep- you get it both digitally and in print, so you can access it whenever wherever. From start to finish, each page is overflowing with exciting and valuable “ah ha moments” and brainstorming prompts that will motivate you the entire way through.

$97 value

That’s a value of $14,000+ <<----- And worth every penny.

But don't worry, that's not what you have to invest to get access, I just want you to understand what it would cost if someone got this kind of content working with me one on one.

Here’s what your investment actually looks like:


Don't forget that paying in full gets you two awesome bonuses.

#1 A free ticket to one of our Boss Mom One-Day Workshops ($397 value)

#2 A free 30-minute strategy call with me  ($300 value)


ONE Payment of $1497

(save $500 off regular pricing & over $250 less than payment plan)


6 Payments of $297


You bet your bottom…because I just can’t help myself!


When you pay for RYB 2.0 in full, you get...

#1 A free ticket to one of our Boss Mom One-Day Workshops ($397 value)
#2 A free 30-minute strategy call with me  ($300 value)

RYB2bonus - launch planimages

My Custom 120 Day Launch Plan

$2,000 Value

The core modules of RYB will help you create a sustainable business, but you will also want to launch something new or relaunch something old from time to time and we got you covered. This bonus module includes my launch plan that walks you through the exact process to launch a program out into the world. It also includes my launch Trello board project plan so you save tons of time and can hit the ground running. 

vault pics

A Full Year’s Access to the Boss Mom Vault

$350 Value

The Boss Mom Vault is our membership site where all of the smaller (yet awesomesauce) courses on sales and marketing live. This includes courses on how to start and grow your own Facebook group, how to run a 15  & 30-minute sales call, my P+L tracker, and so much more… and yes, we are ALWAYS adding more.


All My Templates & Swipe Files

$2,000 Value

Why spend your time trying to figure out how to write your sales emails or what goes on your sales pages.  Instead, save time with all of my emails and page templates. And we are talking legit templates that only take minutes to customize and schedule.

Plus I show you tons of swipe content like Facebook Ad examples and why they work. Oh and don't forget about my sales page and sales video templates. 

FB ad training image

Facebook Ads Training

$497 Value

The world of Facebook Ads can be daunting at times- I get it. Instead of thinking you need to know everything there is to know about Ads, we will teach you one method that allows you to easily test your market, find what works, and start getting results. This includes setting them up, creating the right content, testing the content, and tweaking to get your ads that convert.

RYB2 - trellobonus - image

Secret Trello Boards

$997 Value

Shhh, don’t tell BUT… we have several Trello boards that we use with clients that are super valuable. Now you can get them (plus new ones we create in the future!) What’s my favorite? Hmm… probably the Launch Board with everything you need to dot your I’s and cross your T’s before launching!


I came to the Raising Your Business program with the entrepreneur ADD!!! I was trying to balance 2 businesses with so many new ideas and really had the hope that I could do it all. But trying to get everything done was a mistake because in my daily life I was feeling overwhelmed. The RYB course helped me identify my top goals and gave me strategic steps for my programs. I have been a dietitian for 10 years but a newbie in the online space. I ‘knew” what I was doing in my profession but had no idea how to market in the online world…

Jennifer McGurk

I have just started RYB but what strikes me is how the program starts really big picture, by looking at your purpose in life. Your purpose as a PERSON, not just a business owner. This is a nice change from other programs that always start by asking about your “ideal client”. Honestly, I thought the first lesson was unnecessary at first, but it really, really focused and calmed me. Sometimes courses about growing my business make me feel anxious but not this one. It feels like it really reflects ME and that is why I love it!

Rose Elizabeth