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Unlock your Ideal Client Scale™️, tap into the right Emotional Niching™️, and uncover your unique Nurture Messaging™️
So you can finally grow your following, create loyal fans, and generate more saleswithout feeling pushy or becoming an entertainer.
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Here's What's Included
POP-UP Facebook Group Community and Support

From May 3rd - May 12th get exclusive access to an intimate pop-up Facebook group community with prompts, extra training, support, and connection.

LIVE Workshop: Thursday, May 4th, 9am pst - 11am pst

Show up for the live workshop (or watch the replay) where you'll break out your Ideal Client Scale™️, Map your Emotional Niching™️ and create a Messaging Word Bank.

Training on how to use AI to dial in your messaging

AI can be a great brainstorming tool to help dial in your messaging, so we will show you how to use it in simple ways to help you get clarity during the workshop.

You will walk away with...
Your Ideal Client Scale™️ - Most people are creating content that attracts people at the bottom of the IC Scale. After this event you will know your ideal person at each level of the scale and how to talk to them with the right words and phrases.
Your Emotional Niche™️ - We all know niching is important, but did you know that trying to niche demographically might actually keep you from getting sales? You are about to feel an ease and flow in your marketing you have never felt before. 
AI Assisted Messaging - AI is everywhere right now, but it can be really overwhelming. Knowing how to use it to help you create the right messaging for your audience, without it being overwhelming or inauthentic, is key. You will now have a simple strategy to help you use AI to build better messaging, and get clarity, in less time.
Your Messaging Word Bank - I have worked with thousands of woman (over 30k students and hundreds of clients) and I can tell you that the words you use matter. If you want to build a loyal audience that buys your offers then your Messaging Word bank is essential.
I'm your host 🤗
Boss Mom founder Dana Malstaff
and creator of the
Nurture to Convert Method.

🎉 I co-parent 2 amazing kids (8&10)
🎉 I have a bearded dragon that I adore
🎉 I love dating analogies
🎉 I have a movie theater subscription
🎉 Words are my passion
🎉 I'm on a mission to make sure every mom knows how valuable they are
🎉 Brainstorming and refining positioning and messaging are my zone of genius

You don't just care about making money, you care about making an impact in the world.
You have opinions about your industry, and life, that are important to you.
You often say that you don't like social media or sales.
You want to be known for your brain and not your dance moves.
You don't mind making content, you just don't want it to take over your life.
You have people that love what you do, but don't buy from you.

AND you want running your business to feel easier and fun.

If you help people improve their lives then Nurture Messaging is the ONLY kind of marketing you should use.  
If you're a life coach, relationship coach, parenting coach, health or wellness coach, or anything in between this is was built JUST FOR YOU!!!
There are limited spots so make sure you save your seat now. 
Got questions? Email us at
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 POP-UP Facebook Group Community and Support from May 3rd - 12th

LIVE WORKSHOP #1: Thursday, May 4th from 9am pst - 11am pst

Lifetime Access to workshop training as well as additional training on Ideal Client Scale™️, Emotional Niching™️, and Nurture Messaging™️
Wondering if I'm any good?
Members of our Nurture to Convert Accelerator (our group coaching program) members get 1-on-1 hot seats with me. They also learn, and use, the same concepts we will teach in the workshop. Here is what just a few members had to say about my brain, know abilities, and my personality.
I always want you to feel like you are dealing with a legit coach who knows what they are doing. 

Dana's business savvy and intuition is one of a kind when it comes to working with women entrepreneurs. I find her witty insight inspiring.  She has helped me pivot in the right direction when I would have wasted time just fumbling around on my own.
- Diesta Goldsmith
Dana clearly "got it" right away, helped me synthesize the essence of my messaging quickly, and left me feeling like I have a true thought partner here. I am so energized and feel confident to move forward knowing the guidance will be spot on each time I need it.
- Devi Raja
Why do a LIVE workshop about messaging?
If your business isn't growing or getting consistent sales you have a messaging problem.

I can tell you with a high percentage of certainty that messaging is pretty much ALWAYS the problem. 

  • Not getting enough sales? - messaging is the problem
  • Not getting featured? - messaging is the problem
  • Not building your email list? - messaging is the problem
  • Not getting one moment of peace? - ok that's a mom thing, but let's blame messaging too 😂

The point is that we think that a new 'tool' or and new 'platform' will get things to start working, but the issue is always that your messaging isn't working.

And let me just say that EVERYONE deals with this problem.

Messaging is the key to good marketing and dialing it in to attract your perfect audience and get them to convert to clients is no small feat.

What does good messaging look like?
  • You attract the people that not only love you, but also buy from you (we show you how when we work through your ideal client scale)
  • You start to get people coming to you instead of always having to reach out to people 
  • You start to get quoted and tagged because people know what you stand for and offer and they want to share 
  • Writing the right kind of content flows so much easier
  • Your sales increase without it feeling so hard (that's because you are no longer confusing the market or putting yourself in the 'friend zone'

And that's why I created this workshop. Because I want running your business to feel more fulfilling and fun, and messaging is the answer. 

Answers before you ask
What if I’m a business coach or service provider?
Our system is designed more for women who are in the B2C space. But if you have opinions about how the world or the business industry works that you feel really strongly about then Nurture Marketing can work for you. I have used it to help build my brand. As long as your brand isn't just the solutions you provide but also about something bigger. 
Can you guarantee results?
I wish I could. I can't guarantee that attending the Fix Your Messaging Workshop will get you new clients or make you tons of money. Everyone's results are different.

I can guarantee that I will give you 100% of my effort and my expertise at the event.

I can guarantee that if you are wiling to come to the event and give 100% then you will have a deeper clarity of the words to use in your marketing, what kind of marketing to use, and a renewed excitement to grow your business..

And finally, I can guarantee that the virtual room will be full of women who, like you, want to make big moves in their business this year. If that guarantee is good enough for you then don't wait to get your ticket. 
Is there a refund policy? 
Because we offer the recording after the event, we do not offer a refund if for some reason you aren't able to attend the live trainings.

However we NEVER want you to regret a decision. And we know how powerful these workshops can be, so if you attend the event and aren't happy with the value you received then email us. If we truly didn't provided value for you, then we will give you a refund.
What stage should I be in my business to attend?

To get the best results you should already have started your business or know what business you want. You don't have to know exactly what your offer looks like, or how you will promote it,  the workshop is going to help you hone in on your messaging, niche and ideal client scale.

The tactics and plans we talk through at the workshop can help give you a fresh approach and ways to brainstorm your content so you aren't' wasting time each quarter and only creating the social and authority content that works.

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