Your social content, emails, and authority content are such an important part of your online business success. 
Don't leave your success to chance. 
Don't waste precious time trying to figure out what to create, write, and post each quarter.
Instead, map out the right content that will help you create the right conversations, build authority, increase engagement, and convert more sales.  We are only opening up this new quarterly live virtual workshop to a limited number of participants so make sure to get your ticket now.

I want to attend the FALL Virtual Workshop

Friday, September 6th from 8:30am - 11:30am pst

Here's how it works...

You buy your ticket to the next virtual workshop.
Your mind is immediately put at ease because you know that you won't have to sit around trying to figure out what to post or what content to create for the next quarter.
You are super pumped to receive your optional pre-workshop prep to help ensure you get the most out of the live virtual event.
You show up and can feel the energy from other amazing ladies showing up ready to dive in.
You spend the next 3 hours being guided through your monthly, weekly, and then daily content strategy with enough detail that you can write your posts and content with ease.
You are excited to start creating content using your new customized plan and as soon as Q4 starts you begin to see higher engagement, more organic visibility, more authority, and more leads....with less time online...YAY!
Your investment...
Only $97
(for one workshop)

Fall 2019
  🕘 8:30am - 11:30am PST
🗓Friday, Sep 6th
Here's Exactly What
You're Getting
Access to the 3 hours live virtual workshop where I walk you through mapping out your social media, email, and authority content for the next quarter. 
Access to your strategic content planning workbook
Access to our content planning Trello board with easy workshop training on how to use the board. (Trello is not required to see success with the workshops)
Access to the workshop recording so you can go back whenever you want
Access to my zone of genius is positioning you in the market so you become the authority in your space.
Let me guess...
You are constantly on social media, but...
You aren't always sure what you should be posting and when you create social content you aren't always clear whether it got you any results. You feel like what you doing is creating momentum, but that momentum doesn't seem to help you get consistent clients. 
You want a plan so you don't have to guess...
You know that you need to consistently create content, but you feel overwhelmed because you aren't sure what to create and you have limited time. Which emails do you write? How many blog posts do you publish? And what should be included in your content? We map it out so you have answers.
Finding the time you need isn't always easy...
You feel busy and almost always like you are one step away from it all working. You wake up in the morning with a growing to-do list and that stressful feeling like you might just be spinning your wheels and not getting the results you want. These 3 hours each quarter can make all the difference. 

Here's the thing...

You have limited time, and limited resources and your life isn't always predictable
(queue an adorable little face looking up at you, not letting you get anything done)

There may never be a time (at least not soon) when there aren't multiple things vying for your attention. 

The good news is that you don't need 8 hours a day to have a successful business.

You just need guidance, focus, and training from someone who gets your life, gets you, and wants to leverage both of those things instead of trying to pretend you don't have kids, or other commitments, when trying to grow your business. 

You are a Boss Mom and you know how to be efficient with your stop wasting time creating random content that you aren't sure will work. Instead, join our next virtual workshop and map out content that will build authority, create engagement, and get you more sales (even if you are just starting out).

You are not alone...

Brainstorming the right content to create each quarter can be tough and you don't want to waste your time.

I get it. I broke out on my own when I was pregnant with Jake and wrote Boss Mom while I was pregnant with Jo.

I know what it's like to wish I had more time.
I am lucky because content strategy has always been my thing.

I can look at a business and quickly see the right position and conversation that needs to take place in order to build trust, authority, and sales.

I used that skill to help Boss Mom grow to 6 figures in under a year, to organically grow my email list by 1k each month, to reach 40k+ Facebook Group members, and to continue to build the Boss Mom brand.

As Seen On

I use this skill with my clients, and in past workshops and events and now I want to help you map out your exact social, email, and authority content for the next quarter.

I know that life can make it hard to spend time working ON our businesses, but if you commit to this small amount of time each quarter then you will be positioned for success.

Boss Mom CEO and your workshop host,
Dana Malstaff
Come Join Me at Our Next Live Virtual Workshop
I want to attend the FALL Virtual Workshop
What people are saying about past workshops
The Boss Mom workshops are an absolute steal with the value they provide. It's like getting a designer purse at a Kohl's price tag. I've been to two over the last year and both times my head has been filled with tons of actions that I can immediately begin to implement, as well as valuable business connections.

Erica Quigley, Business Operations Consultant

Dana provided so much value. Instead of being a presenter who just talked to us, she answered questions and participated in dialogue that helped us understand when we were on the right path, where to go deeper, and why things would work or not. The attention Dana gave each of us as individuals while keeping the group moving forward as a whole was amazing!  - Jamie Van Cuyk 

Dana’s  workshop exceeded my expectations. I left with both practical next steps as well as higher level strategies that can keep me busy for years to come. Was well worth my time, money, and energy to attend!
Susie Salinas, Owner of Systems by Susie
The one-on-one access to Dana’s complex mind is worth way beyond the investment. Her expertise is in giving you clarity on what needs to be done and getting you to take action. I left the workshop feeling reinvigorated. I’d definitely recommend ladies to take advantage of these workshops.
Marylin DeLaHoz, Owner of With Love Studio
The workshop was an amazing experience. I had so many takeaways and ah-ha moments. I left the event with a clear focus and next steps for my business + relationships were formed for possible future collaborations and I can't wait to see what else blossoms as a result of this workshop!
Micala Quinn
I came in with no pre-set expectations and I was really blown away. I feel like I have a completely different outlook on my business and my future. Dana was able to connect with each individual person and really get to the need they had in their business.
Catherine Wilson, Eviva Media
You have questions, we have answers...
Can you guarantee results?
I wish I could. I can't guarantee that coming to a Boss Mom Virtual Workshop will get you new clients or make you tons of money. Everyone's results are different. I can guarantee that I will give you 100% of my effort and my expertise at the event. I can guarantee that if you are wiling to come to the event and give 100% then you will walk out with a customized plan of exactly what to create and post for the next 90 days. And finally, I can guarantee that the virtual room will be full of women who, like you, want to make big moves in their business this year. If that guarantee is good enough for you then don't wait to get your ticket. 
Is there a refund policy? 
Because we offer the recording after the event, we do not offer a refund if for some reason you aren't able to attend the live training. We believe that these workshops can really create a strategic content plan for you and your business and hope you decide to join us. 
What stage should I be in my business to attend?

To get the best results you should already have started your business or know what business you want. You don't have to know exactly what your offer looks like, or how you will promote it, part of the workshop is showing you how to uncover the content that will give you the most traction.

The tactics and plans we talk through at the workshop can help give you a fresh approach and ways to brainstorm your content so you aren't' wasting time each quarter and only creating the social and authority content that works.

More from past attendees...
Yep there's more. We believe that the best way to decide if our workshops are a good fit is to see what past attendees have to say.
Dana taught and facilitated meaningful discussions on how we can take action now to create and expand our businesses. This event was far from fluff and delivered so much more than I anticipated.
Kisme Williams, CEO and Founder of Tranquility in Chaos
With Dana's explanation, I am able to realistically see how I needed to implement what I learned in the workshop into my business model. Before attending I didn't know what the next steps were or even how to implement. Now I can see it clear as day!
Heather Farris, CEO of Heather Farris & Co.
Before this workshop I was confused and trying to find my ideal client. I knew what I needed to offer, but how to really sell it and get outside of this box was an issue. The workshop helped me keep things simple and scale my business. I am already carrying out all of the problems that I faced and working toward achieving those goals
Susie Liberatore, Creative Owner of Visions2images
I loved that the Boss Mom workshop gave me so much personal interaction with Dana and other Boss Moms. I got direct feedback on very specific aspects of my business that will help me make changes to achieve the goals I want to achieve. I came back and started implementing changes the very next day!
Rose Lounsbury, Minimalism Coach, Less LLC

Boss Mom Workshop did not disappoint! I came in with a few specific things that I wanted guidance on. Walking away from the event I now have complete clarity and structure with those things thanks to Dana. Since the group is so small and intimate I was able to get some really great advice and clarity. I definitely recommend going to a Boss Mom Mini near you to help move your business forward in the right direction!

Brittany Dixon, Business Systems Consultant

The Boss-Mom Workshop was a wonderful opportunity to both connect with other like-minded (and different!) women. It also made me realize how important making these "real life" connections are, which is easy to forget when you are in your own digital world. Dana was vibrant, well-spoken and so knowledgeable about the many different parts of a business. My one regret is not speaking up to get her advice on my particular business, but I would definitely attend another event with her and take advantage of that missed opportunity!

Jessi Ford
Come Join Me at Our Next Live Virtual Workshop
I want to attend the FALL Virtual Workshop
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