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Why Boss Mom Left Trello For ClickUp?

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It’s true. I broke up with my project management tool and left Trello for ClickUp for reasons you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

As entrepreneurs, our work requires us to have multiple different projects vying for our attention simultaneously. As mothers, we have the bonus of children adorably seeking our attention and homes to manage.

Between creating content, finding new clients, serving current clients, marketing, and then managing your home, your budget, and raising your little ones, it’s a lot to manage and things can easily slip through the cracks.

When I first started my business, I used a project management tool called Trello, and it was love at first sight! I often referred to Trello as my “Work Wife” and we had an amazing relationship.

Trello is a free project management tool that I used to organize my content, manage reoccurring processes, act as a repository for information I needed to reference, and manage large and one-off projects. I lived in Trello. It helped me run my business, save time, interact with my team, kept me on track in ways I never thought possible, and ultimately helped me grow Boss Mom to what it is today.

I loved Trello…until I met ClickUp.

Why Boss Mom left Trello for ClickUp

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp outshines Trello in so many ways. It is the free project management software that I recommend to all the members of our Nurture to Convert Society. For a free project management tool for small businesses, it has powerful features for managing and completing all your team’s projects on one platform.

ClickUp is a strong project management tool for freelancers and solopreneurs because they organized it perfectly it for teams to collaborate effectively. You can plan projects, schedule tasks, manage resources in one central workspace, as well as communicate with team members and guests.

Why I Left Trello for ClickUp?

Although Trello and ClickUp both offer free plans, Trello is not an excellent system for mom entrepreneurs looking to earn six thousand dollars in revenue consistently.

Trello is excellent at managing one project at a time, while ClickUp is better for looking at your whole business because it helps visually organize your business on a holistic level, plan strategically, collaborate with your (growing) team, and execute tasks and short-term projects which are perfect for the time limitations of mothers in business.

ClickUp is a better project management tool for mom entrepreneurs than Trello.

Top 5 Reasons ClickUp Is Better than Trello

ClickUp was built for an organization or small business owner with team collaboration. You can manage things on an organizational level.

You can hide projects from yourself. This is one of my favorite features. In Trello, when you create a new project board, it will stay displayed until you close it or archive it. Seeing too many projects open at once can feel daunting.

In ClickUp, they visually set the workspace up so you can create folders, sub-folders, and project lists. When you create a project in ClickUp, you can hide it in a folder until you are actually ready to work on that project. In our group coaching program, we encourage our members to only have three projects open at the same time and to focus on completing one before moving on to the next one. Hiding projects until you are ready to do them reduces overwhelm.

In ClickUp, you can integrate other tools and software like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Grammarly, Amazon Alexa, TimeCamp and Calendly, to name a few. You can do the same integrations in Trello, but it isn’t as seamless.

One integration I love about ClickUp is the ability to create forms to collect information from potential clients and current members. After they fill a form out, new tasks are created automatically, and the information gets added to that new task.

As a business owner, you can better serve your clients and grow your revenue by creating templates in ClickUp and sharing them with your clients or sell them to your audience.

When you join NTCS, we show you how to plan out projects, and even better, we give you the entire template system (with projects already laid in) that you can have up and running in under 10 minutes.

Benefits of a project management tool

A project management tool, such as ClickUp, can be used for a variety of projects, such as yearly planning, administrative management, and internal and external project communication between teammates and clients.

A good project management tool should have functionality for task management, project scheduling, time tracking, file sharing, communication, and reporting.

The four ways a Boss Mom can benefit from using a project management tool is:

  • By organizing your workflow processes
  • Organizing your clients’ projects
  • Managing your team
  • Managing your household

Why is business organization important for mom entrepreneurs?

Business organization is important because, without it tasks pile up or get forgotten, we waste valuable time looking for things, and productivity decreases.

There is a correlation between organization and productivity. The more organized your business, the more productive you can be and the more revenue you potentially earn if you are doing the right things at the right time in your business.

Focusing on the right thing to move your business forward and increase your revenue is one of the biggest struggles I hear from Boss Moms.

It all comes down to having good project management software and a system that works with the interruptions and inconsistency of a mom’s schedule.

When you focus on the right thing, it can liberate you from trying to do everything at once. In my eight years of working with mom entrepreneurs, I’ve found that Boss Moms are making one of these 7 common mistakes in their online businesses that are costing them time, money, and effort. Watch those 7 mistakes here.


How to use a project management system

Really successful people work from a clear understanding of priority. Mothers often feel guilty because we add too many things on their to-do list that we assume need to get done now, which hinders our ability to think, get important things done, and delay our success. We aren’t clear on our goal, our vision, and our strategy so we try to do it all.

The checklist can be a death trap to productivity if we are simply striving to check things off a list. It results in you trying to do everything instead of the most important thing.

So how does Boss Moss use ClickUp?

In our group coaching program, we teach our Boss Moms an easier (and less stressful) daily project management system. Our system teaches you to leverage your future projects to cut down on overwhelm, manage ongoing systems in half the time, and create an admin space to knowledge transfer all your beautiful ideas and clear your mind.

In our project management course, we teach our members how to plan their business for the year strategically, how to decide which projects are most important, and how to focus on a few projects at a time, and how not to get overwhelmed by seeing too many things on your to-do list, which is why I love the ability to hide projects and tasks in folders and sub-folders in ClickUp.

We built our system for women

Specifically for the mom who has a lot going on. The mother with children running around in the background, activities going on, who wants to run a successful business, who wants to accomplish things, who also wants to work on her fitness, and is also super tired because she is a mom. This system helps simplify your to-do list, helps you stay focused, and helps you make more money in your business.

When you commit to a project management system, you will start feeling the freedom of time. It’s a daily habit that takes time to build, but it’s a habit worth building because success is sequential. In order to grow a really successful business, you have to be methodical with how you run things and finish one thing at a time.

As you feel less scattered, you can start focusing on your free-to-paid journey and setting up your simple evergreen sales funnel. Then you can start building a team where each team member focuses on completing one thing at a time, allowing you to step more into the CEO role and grow your business.

Organizing your business needs to be a priority if you want to earn consistent revenue without the stress. Using a project management software like ClickUp is the first step to getting organized. Learning the best way to create a daily project management system the Boss Mom way is your second step.

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of implementing a new system when, let’s be honest, you already are being pulled in so many directions, then you’ll want to check out our  Nurture to Convert Society where you will get our project management course along with all the templates to set up your project management the same way I set up mine.

If you are ready to get organized quickly without stress and learn more about how we’ve reinvented the group coaching program designed for mom entrepreneurs, then check out our Nurture to Convert Society.

Nicole Vasco

Nicole Vasco

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