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How to Get People to Engage,
Share, and Buy From You 
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As moms our lives are complex so our businesses should be simple. But with our smart driven brains that can be easier said than done, right?

I am going to show you a system that will blow your mind and save you time (that almost rhymed). And it doesn't involve sending DM's, pushy sales, or being on social media all day.

I'm a mom too and I KNOW we don't have time to be our sales rep, marketing manager, project manager, and content creator all at once. That just leads to burnout and drinking wine on the closet floor as you wipe away the tears. I promise there is an easier way and I'm going to show you in this training. 

Here is a quick rundown of what we will cover...

3 simple (but major) changes you need to make 
How to make your business more personable
How the 80/20 rule actually works and how to leverage it to get engagement 
The 4 key things people want to see from you
The one thing you are doing that's killing your authority
Creating the right offer that will actually sell
How the loyalty engine works & how to use it 
The 6 phases that will systematically increase your engagement, shares, and sales
I know how it feels...

Hey I am Dana Malstaff, founder and CEO of Boss Mom and I know how it feels.

You feel like you're stretched too thin, and you feel uncertain about what you should be doing each day on social and in most parts of your business.

You’ve put in all this time, effort and energy and aren’t seeing the results that you want or that people say you should get.

You're deflated. You're kind of tired (ok, exhausted) with all of the content and "things" that everyone says you have to do to market and grow your business.

You feel like you’re never caught up (with the laundry, with the client work, with the posting to social media... add like ten more things here)

And let's be honest, as mom entrepreneurs, you're already spending most of your mental effort keeping your kids alive, right? ( I mean even when they are being awesome they are still exhausting)

I bet you have even already bought several courses (investing more than you would care to admit) and still haven't found the solution that will grow your audience, build authority, get people to engage...and bring in more (and consistent) revenue.

You know you have the brains, but sometimes this online marketing thing is just confusing and you don't have hours a day to personally reach out to everyone you meet online. (you are so not alone by the way)

The good news is that what I will show you on this training is going to change everything... give you permission to do a lot less than you are doing right now.... feel way more aligned with how you WANT to be running your business and marketing... and get you great results.

In case you're wondering if I actually know what I'm talking about
Here are a few stats to show you I know a few things about getting people to engage, share, and buy from you :)
Boss Moms Facebook Group

We hit 10k in year one and have organically grow over the last 4 years. We now get 65+ new member requests each DAY, 4k+ posts each month, 100k+ comments each month. Our most engaged posts get over 1k and over 72% of our members are actively engaged each month.

Interview, Stages, Collaborations

I've been featured by Social Media Marketing Word (a speaker the last 2 years), Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Pat Flynn, CBS, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc, Good Morning San Diego, and a ton more. 

Boss Mom Podcast

The Boss Mom podcast consistently gets 33k downloads each month and is about to hit 1.5 million downloads. The podcast has been featured in countless articles as one of the top podcast for women/mom entrepreneurs. 

Growing Number of Students

Over the last 5 years we have had over 30k students in paid programs over various platforms. A few of those students now have million dollar+ businesses, countless have six figure businesses, and even more are consistently bringing in 5 figure months. 

If you made it down this far then you are still deciding if this training is worth your time (and your email address) and protecting your time is important so I totally get it.  Here are a few kind words from community members and students to help you make a decision. 
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