Stop Spinning Your Wheels in the Wrong Facebook Groups. Find The Right Groups that Help Move You & Your Business Forward.
If you want to be successful you need to be surrounded by like minded people who make you feel valued, supported, and at home.
But that can be tough to find.

So we have put together a guide to help you find the right kind of community/s on Facebook and show you how to engage so you can make new friends, colleagues, collaborators, and clients.
Learn my two week strategy to find the perfect group/s for your business & live needs.
Get the exact formula for engaging in a Facebook Group that will have you micro-famous in not time. 
Get the scoop on how to leverage Facebook Groups to Your Advantage. 
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The image is of Samantha Munoz and me at our last Boss Mom Retreat. We met online years ago when she was living in Japan and have become wonderful friends because of online Facebook Communities. 
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What's Inside? 
In the Free Boss Mom Guide to Finding Your Tribe you will find 
- How to find the right groups
- How to engage with groups
- How to create connections and collaborations
- How to create buzz for your business

And so much more...
And I'm the Founder of Boss Mom LLC and a firm believer in the power of Facebook Groups & Community.

If you want to know why you should listen to me when it comes to Facebook Groups...I launched the Boss Mom brand in 2015 with my first book Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro and quickly grew to a six-figure business within a year and just kept going.

My Boss Moms Facebook group organically grow to 20k within a year and is now at 35k+ and consistently has over 72% of the group actively contributing each month. I believe that Facebook Groups should be viewed as hyper focused focus groups and ecosystems that can be authentically leveraged to help us gain confidence, security, and success.