Why do we yearn for more when we reach our goals? w/ Tracey Coates

A lot of times, once we reach our goals, we want to do more. The list of things we want to achieve keeps growing, and new goals take the place of old ones.

That’s perfectly natural. Our goals don’t have to be set destinations – they can be rolling milestones toward creating what we want.

Why do we yearn for more, and why do we grapple with deciding what to do? Can trial and error help when it comes to doing more, and how do we deal with failure?

In this episode life coach, podcast host and practicing attorney Tracey Coates joins me to discuss what it means to do more, why it differs from person to person and how we can embrace failure and use it as a currency for success.

You’ve got to know what the sacrifices are and be willing to make them.

-Tracey Coates

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why we have to be prepared to make sacrifices
    How do we know what’s worth suffering for?
  • How to reframe what it means to fail
    Embracing failure can be scary, but it is also the currency for success. How can we embrace failure and learn from it?
  • Why goals evolve
    Fulfillment comes from the process, not the result. Why do we yearn for more when we reach our goals?


Guest Bio

Tracey is a life & career coach, attorney, podcaster, wife, and busy mother of 2!

She helps high-achieving women, like you, reduce the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that comes from trying to balance a successful career, a family and whatever else life throws at you!

If you’ve ever wanted to run kicking & screaming in the opposite direction of your life – you’re not alone – we’ve all been there. Tracey can help you!

Grab Tracey’s free guide: 5 Things Working Moms can do today to feel less stressed & overwhelmed, and avoid burnout https://bit.ly/traceycoatesbusymoms

Visit her Coaching Website | Tracey CoatesInstagramLinkedIn


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