The 3 Things Keeping You From Making Money From A Course

Creating a course is something that sounds amazing and we see entrepreneurs making tons of money doing, but it feels too hard or scary for a normal Boss Mom to tackle and see success. I am here to tell you that any Boss Mom can create a digital course that sells.  On this episode, I talk about the 3 things we need to overcome in order for us to ensure we actually finish and sell our course and start bringing in revenue.

There is no way to truly get the freedom we want unless we create and sell digital course work that we can scale without adding more of our own time. -Dana Malstaff

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Your course is not ‘you’. When you link your identity to your course and the success of your course, then fear takes hold and you are less likely to actually finish, launch, and stick with, your course. 
  • Very often entrepreneurs are spending time in all the wrong places, repetitively doing the same thing over and over instead of creating leverageable content.
  • We tend to think that our course has to be a huge, signature course. Actually starting with something small is a lot better. It’s easier and faster to make.

Unless we create content we can leverage, we’ll be stuck on the hamster wheel of repetitive and tedious work. Nothing is more leverageable than a digital course. We have to stop doing things that don’t actually matter in lieu of doing what it takes to create a course, even a small one to start. Don’t let all the beauty in your brain just sit there while you could be making something amazing for your clients and yourself.

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