Feeling Stagnant But Overwhelmed? What Your Inner Wisdom Is Trying to Tell You w/Stephanie Nichols

As women, moms and humans in general, the last few years have really put a microscope on our lives and forced many of us to face the fact that we feel overwhelmed, stuck and unhappy.

Anytime we find ourselves in this space, it’s a sign that we’re not being honest with ourselves, and that our inner wisdom is desperately trying to tell us something.

How do we tap into this inner wisdom, figure out why we feel stuck and then work toward a feeling of alignment?

In this episode, certified life coach and Nurture to Convert Business coach, Stephanie Nichols returns to talk about why so many women feel stagnant but stressed out, and how to change it.

Every time I’ve found myself in a place of complete overwhelm and stress, something wasn’t aligned and the way I truly wanted it to be. It was always because I wasn’t being honest with myself.

-Stephanie Nichols

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The power of taking action, even when we’re a little scared
    How does the way we make decisions play into why we feel overwhelmed?
  • Slow down, step back and listen to you
    We’ve been conditioned to believe that the best decisions for us lie outside of us. How do we start seeking what’s right for us?
  • How to curate a life that serves your happiness
    If we’re honest with ourselves and what we really want, will it ruin our relationships?


Guest Bio

Stephanie Nichols is a certified life coach with The Life Coach School, and certified Nurture to Convert Business coach with Dana Malstaff. She has worked as a contract coach for 7-figure business owners like Alison J. Prince – creator of 4 multi-million dollar online brands, Russell Brunson – co-founder of ClickFunnels, and Tina Tower – founder of the Australian Mastermind, Her Empire Builder. Stephanie is mom to two boys, and the author of the book, “Create Your Calm: A Guilt-Free Journey to Peaceful Motherhood”.

Clients love working with Stephanie because she has a personal approach to coaching. She is invested in her clients’ success, and she’s not afraid of asking tough questions to help you make effective decisions, be more productive, and gain clarity so you can thrive in your business. She is direct, yet compassionate and teaches you to think for yourself.

When she’s not coaching or spending time with her friends and family, you’ll find Stephanie outside running, at a local coffee shop drinking a decaf mocha, or singing with her favorite premier community chorus. She believes all people deserve to feel good about how they show up in the world.

For more information, visit https://stephanie-nichols.com/ and find her on Facebook.


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