Welcome to Boss Mom, where we strive to help make your life just a little bit easier…how do we do it?

Well, we try to give you support, break things down, and help you make decisions.

Here at Boss Mom we love to add value AND have fun. We believe that being a parent to your children and your business doesn’t mean that you have to throw away that childlike wonder and always be serious. In fact, we believe that success comes a lot easier when you are having a little fun….and finding the right resources and support of course.

Here are a few of our favorite Boss Mom Podcast episodes to show you what we mean…

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Did I mention how pumped I am that you’re here?

I have no idea what brought you here. You might have heard about Boss Mom on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast, maybe you found us through our Boss Moms Facebook Group, or from Huffington Post. Either way, I want you to get comfy and hang out with us for a while, and I want you to get revved up at the same time because I bet we believe the same things….

I bet you have a passion…a passion to raise and nurture a family AND a business at the same time.

A huge high five and an awesome bear hug coming right your way, because from my experience it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It can be a lot of late nights, feet in your face, don’t know how to get them to stop crying and spit-up on your shirt. And I’m talking about your babies AND your business. But the journey is also filled with cuddles, unconditional love, ridiculously cute phrases, forts, giggles, and endless proud moments.

This whole Boss Mom thing has a lot of ups and downs, which is why it’s so important to find the right community and support. Well, look no further, because here at Boss Mom we are all about helping you along this adventure of motherhood and entrepreneurdom.


Speaking of journeys and adventures...

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Curious how Boss Mom got started?

Meet the founder, Dana Malstaff

I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of guilt then it came to having kids and also wanting to run my own business. One day I realized that being a parent isn’t about sacrificing our lives for our children. Our job is to show our children what a good life lived looks like. That’s why I wrote Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro. Over the past 4 years I have noticed so many similarities between raising kids and raising a business, and once you get to know me you will hear me say things like, “it sounds like your business is teething”.

I’m a crazy mix of energy, action, and a pinch of silly (ok maybe a little more than a pinch) and you can see that in everything I create here at Boss Mom. You will quickly find out that I love to wear heels, but also usually wear them with my pajama pants. You know business on the bottom and mom on the top. I like to think I have 3 little ones…my daughter, my son, and my business…although Boss Mom is growing faster than my kids these days.

I also know that building a strong community is important, and I love to celebrate other Boss Moms, so each week we share our Boss Mom of the Week so that we can help your businesses grow. And our Boss Mom Facebook Group is growing like crazy. Every day I am amazed as the awesome engagement we get over there. This is why I wrote my second book, Confessions of a Boss Mom: The Power in Knowing We are Not Alone

So jump in, grab a glass of wine, or coffee, and hang out with us. A good place to start is the Boss Mom Podcast.

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