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You try to be consistent on all the social platforms, but it feels like you just keep talking to the same people with little growth. Now you can get the shares, saves, and engagement you have been wanting without dancing, singing, or giving away more of your life than you would like. 

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Finally get permission to stop trying to do social media like an entertainer, and learn how to create content that gives you growth AND impact as an expert.
4 categories of social content that will leverage the most current algorithms to help you expand your following. 
The Simple Micro-Content Training System™️ that you will use for your posts or reels that will get your audience excited to see and save your content and constantly coming back for more. 
Know exactly what trends to follow and what you can ignore (yay)

The Truism Method™️ that all of the successful coaches are using to build authentic connection, belonging, and trust with their audience. (And Truism are also THE MOST SHARED content being created right now)


Brainstorm Board - How map out your content in a way that works with your natural creative flow vs forcing you to try to create content when you just aren’t feeling it.

Ready Board - The simple way to pull content to post that finally allows you to get ahead instead of trying to create content this week.

Scheduling Board - The exact posting schedule that takes the guess work out oh when and what to post

Get Super Snazzy Bonuses

Step-by-step instructions on how to create the top 3 types of reels (no dancing, no pointing included)

If you aren’t comfortable with video don’t worry we show you how to create a visually engaging reel without moving
(yes it’s possible) 


Visual walk-throughs of how to use CapCut (an app for your phone) to edit your reels.

Plus, simple hacks that professional editors use to create intrigue that are so easy anyone can do them (in less than a minute) 


9 different Canva pre-designed templates to make your life easier. 

We took our system and created templates so that no matter what your industry you can create custom, engaging content using our formulas.

Answers before you ask
Does this system work for different industries?
Yes absolutely. We didn't just do something once and then sell you a course on it. :) We went out and analyzed what's working in lots of different industries and found commonalities and trends that are working everywhere. Plus we have a Thought Joggers section where we show you real life examples in different industries so you can see how it might work for you. 
Do I need to be creative?
NOPE! We have templatized as much as possible so that you can let your opinions, and expertise shine...without feeling like you have to figure out creative ways to get noticed. I know it sounds too good to be true, but breaking things down and making them easy to use is my special ability. :) 
Is this ACTUALLY different than all the other social media training and templates out here?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes....I could keep saying it over and over again. I actually tell you all the current silly things you need to stop doing that aren't helping (and more likely hurting) your growth. The system we developed with the Micro-trainings and the Truisms are based on what is ACTUALLY WORKING in the market. I promise that we won't just tell you to slap a saying on a post, or give you a bunch of "templated prompts" that don't actually work. 
What if I don't have much of a following right now?
That's ok, odds are you aren't getting much reach (even if you do have a following). Our system is designed to help you get seen more on Instagram and Facebook. As you implement the Micro-training  and truisms you will begin to see additional reach because people are saving and sharing your content. It really works :) 
What if I don't want to do video yet, does your system still work?
Yep! In fact, we give you a 3 phase approach to help you build up to more video, but not until you are getting results with out post strategy. We don't want you jumping in the deep end right away if you aren't ready. We want to help make sure you can see progress and movement in your following, engagement, and sales. 
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