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One Skill That’s Hard For Moms to Learn, But Will Pay Off Forever

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Stepping back, can actually feel harder than letting others step up.

If you can learn how to stop trying to do everything for everyone, or on your own, you and the people you love most will experience incredible growth and confidence.
When we take on the burden of making sure everyone is okay, and everything is taken care of, we are actually taking away the ability and opportunity for the people we love most to step up and contribute in meaningful ways. Which actually feels really good for them to do!

If you want to do less, while contributing more to the people you love, just follow these three steps.

1. Recognize that taking on this burden is a problem.
It seems like a good thing on the surface, because you care. You can recognize that this behavior is a problem, and you are still a good, wonderful, loving, caring mom and human.
2. Understand that taking on the burden of making sure everyone is okay is depriving the people you love of reaching their potential because you aren’t giving them the opportunity to step up.
People thrive when they know that they can care for themselves, that they have a purpose within a group or family unit, and can care for others. It’s human nature, and when we step up and do it all, we are taking that away from them.
3. Catch yourself when you fall back into your old ways because you will.
It’s human nature to fall back to familiar patterns. Know that this will happen, catch yourself and then go back to letting others step up.

Let’s this marinate on you…

The most loving thing we can do is let the people in our lives contribute in meaningful ways that they are totally capable of doing.
Letting others step up, and choosing to step back allows you to have a bigger impact while doing less – or doing more of what you love and want to do.

What is one thing you can take a step back on and let someone in your life step up with?

Here are some thought joggers to get you going….
Letting your kids do their own laundry.
Letting your kids plan the meals for a week, or create a grocery list.
Letting your partner take over bed time routines.
Letting your parents take the kids for a day trip, or overnight.
Letting your VA or team member take full ownership of a project.
Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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