The Exact Nurture Content You Need to Build Trust, a Following, and Sales
The Exact Nurture Content You Need to Build Trust, a Following, and Sales
(I used this specific messaging strategy over the years to grow my Boss Moms Facebook Group to over 70k, get 100s of clients, and teach over 30k students...without missing out on time with my kids or losing myself in the process.)
The right nurture content will...
Attract the RIGHT people who will spread your content and buy

If you love to help people then odds are you're using survival mode messaging and that can keep you from getting sales and actually impacting peoples lives.

I show you the exact process to make sure your messaging speaks to the people you can help most and that will invest in you. 

Create content that works AND you're excited to create

The simple system to brainstorm 3 types of  content that will finally feel natural and easy.

And we show you exactly how to build buzz and growth while you test what works.

It's a perfect strategy for the busy mom.

Finally consistently grow your following, fist, and clients

No more trying (or avoiding) ridiculous trends or feeling like you have to be pushy or salesy. 

Our nurture content strategy was designed for the woman who loves to teach and wants to grow her business without having to be a sales or marketing expert.

Why is the right nurture content so important?

I may be an extrovert, but I like my privacy, don't love live on Social Media, and pretty much refuse to do anything that feels like I am sacrificing my intelligence just to get views.

I have nothing against all of the lovely people who enjoy dancing while text scrolls by with some interesting information, but that's just not me.

I started Boss MomĀ® back in 2015 because I wanted to build a community....and I had opinions I wanted to share.

After 8+ years I can tell you (more now than ever) that the way we nurture our audience is SO important.

The way we describe what we do and who we do it for determines whether we attract the right people.

And the words we choose can mean the difference between no sales, and a thriving business.

I work with amazing women every day that tell me they wish they weren't their industry's best kept secret.

I am happy to say that I not only uncovered the exact kind of content that get tons of shares and saves and helps grow your following (of the right people). 

The awesome news is that it nicely aligns with the way I teach Boss Moms to map out their overall brand messaging.

So I combined the two and created this masterclass so you can finally create nurture content that grows your following and sales in a way that feels aligned with who you are.

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