Vibes That Thrive: Navigating Energy for Your Dream Life w/Nicole Brodie

There’s a lot of energy in this world. That’s why we can feel drained by certain people but energized by others. 

Understanding what energy makes us feel good and finding more of it allows us to build the lives we want. Also knowing what’s low vibration for us steers away from things that zap our energy. 

How can we understand the different energy around us and how it connects to our lives?

In this episode, serial entrepreneur and mom of 3, Nicole Brodie joins me to talk about understanding vibrations, manifesting the life you want and how affirmations and gratitude connect to a happy life.

I really believe that the universe is there for us. It will bring us what we want but we need to make efforts, take action and get out of our comfort zone.

-Nicole Brodie

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What do we expose ourselves to?
    How do we pinpoint things that create a low vibration so that we can avoid it?
  • How limiting beliefs affect energy
    Negative self-talk is something that everyone deals with, but can we manifest what we want if we don’t believe we deserve it?
  • Committing to happiness
    Changing things in our lives takes work, how do we do it?


Guest Bio

Nicole is a serial entrepreneur and juggles a very unique lifestyle around 3 active children. Nicole is not your ordinary coach. She swears a little when passionate, uses a non cookie-cutter approach, tunes into the guidance from strong intuition, uses healing and at the same time doing it whilst smiling and having fun. Nicole essentially helps driven women manifest their dream life using meditation.

Visit her  Website | Facebook Group | LinkedIn | Instagram |  YouTube Channel |  Nicole’s Group Coaching Program 

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